4 Ways Insurance Companies Can Find And Convert More Leads

4 Ways Insurance Companies Can Find And Convert More Leads

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Insurance is one of those products that consumers know they can’t live without, but that doesn’t prevent them from always seeking out the lowest prices. Now that most insurance companies have given potential customers the ability to compare rates, they want to know everything they can about an insurance product well before they agree to sign-up.

In Nigeria in particular, the insurance industry is growing quickly so the competition is also getting thick. Despite the fact that there is plenty of money to be made in the industry, you can’t forget that insurance brokers need websites to be visible. Ensure that you stay in the front of the pack by using these four tips to locate more potential customers and convince them to allow you to provide them with exceptional insurance products.

1. Incentivize Your Referrals

Whether you work with a local car dealership or have your family handing out your insurance cards, financial incentives always motivate people to push your business harder. You want to be known as the head of an insurance brokerage that is well reputed and trusted, and there’s no better way to get that message across than by having everyday people mention your name in the course of casual conversations. You are also going to need to live up to expectations, but if you are looking for more leads be sure to reward those who are supplying you with fresh prospects.

2. Make Sure That Your Website Is Personalized

You can’t just put up a generic website that doesn’t go into detail about the person behind the insurance brokerage and then think that you are going to be contacted by many leads. Have professional pictures taken, hire a web designer to spruce up your website and get feedback on what visitors think. If you need to, look at what other insurance brokers have on their websites and then make sure yours shines with your winning personality.

3. Contact All Potential Leads in a Timely Manner

If a potential client needs to purchase a new insurance product they aren’t going to wait that long for brokerages to call them back. In fact, they are more likely to go out on their own if their messages and emails aren’t replied to soon. You can set up your email account to send an automated reply to all insurance product inquiries, or just spent a few minutes personalizing your responses on a daily basis to convert more leads.

4. Upsell All Available Insurance Products

If a new client comes to you who has an interest in motorcycle insurance, make certain that you are addressing all of their needs. Go beyond obvious insurance products like life and disability insurance by describing the gamut of all insurance products and features, and see if you can get an umbrella policy underwritten. When your clients are able to get their insurance needs met and walk away with an even larger saving than they thought they were eligible to receive, they will absolutely mention your insurance brokerage by name to their colleagues and friends.

You can’t sit back idly and just hope that new clients are going to walk through the doors of your insurance brokerage if you are looking to break new ground. Get out and meet new people, keep business cards on hand, and update your website to reflect what you are currently up to. Be prepared to explain what kinds of insurance products you offer and always be willing to meet the customer more than halfway.


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