The 5 Best ICOs in 2018 Which Might Make You A Millionaire

The 5 Best ICOs in 2018 Which Might Make You A Millionaire

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Nowadays digital currencies are the popular choice for making the investment. You can easily find the opportunities in the market to invest. Some are quite risky but taking the big risks means big rewards. You must check, the best ICO to invest in 2018.

In this article, check out the most profitable ICOs which might make you a millionaire.

  1. TON (Telegram Open Network)

Ton has emerged as the solution to common problems to all the cryptocurrencies. The design of this ICO is such that it provides the best speed and scalability. It is easy to use interface and the strong user base. There is flexibility to use it for the exchange or automated transactions. It can make you millionaire as it has the strong user base. There would be a major blow if the Telegram team manages to integrate TON into the apps and make it secure to use.

There are risks while investing in the TON. It is still to show the functionality without breaching its user base. TON has become the new alternative to the decentralized economy by combining maximum security and transaction time. TON allows the users to make the transaction through their wallet.

According to Techcrunch, TON will be third generation blockchain network having many superior features as compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum network. With over 180 million active users, there is a lot of potential for the TON as it is the widely adopted messenger app plus having the strong cryptocurrency community in it.

  1. Kodak ICO

Most of us known Kodak as the camera and recall its dominance in the photography. But it has stepped into the digital world and launched itself as the Kodak Coin in 2018. The design of this ICO is to protect the digital rights of the photographers using the blockchain technology. It allows the photographer to take part in the digital economy for photography. At the same time, they receive the payment for their work and sell their work based on a blockchain technology that is secure.

It uses the ethereum blockchain platform. The use of cryptocurrency helps the photographers and agencies to register images on the distributed ledger. There is a license to the proprietary blockchain platforms known as KodakOne which will be developed by the licensing partnership with WENN digital.

  1. COINTED Token

COINTED is the bridge between real world and cryptocurrency world. It can convert the fiat currency to cryptocurrency and vice versa. It is the trusted currency which provides the ATM services for the Bitcoins. COINTED experts claim that they have built the collection of services and products based on blockchain technology. Their services include the bitcoin trading, multicurrency ATMs, green mining and multiple payment solutions.

COINTED is planning to integrate the smartphone for Android and iOS users. The members can access the products and services and manage the crypto debit card. There is one thing to remember that digital technology is susceptible to thefts. Keeping in mind this point, one can consider that COINTED is safer as it is been integrated with in-app security and PIN code safety. It has the chip technology in the crypto debit card.

  1. ATF (Agro Tech Farming)

ATF is designed to cultivate cannabis, herbs, vegetables and several agricultural products for customers at home. It is integrated with Android apps and iOS to monitor and control vegetation process. All operations related to growing vegetables are scripted and fully automated. This ICO uses the Ethereum cryptocurrency network. Users will be able to buy the ATF tokens. This ICO will provide the financial rewards for investors and advantages to ATF token holders.

Investors can earn the 30% of the profit the global enterprise makes. The tokens will be listed in the leading crypto exchange and can be repurchased from the issuer in the open market. It is basically transparent business approach in the sustainable growth market.


The goal of Envion is creating the highly profitable crypto mining structure in the shipping containers. It is extremely mobile having multiple modes of transportation methods. It is always available to deploy the energy. They are indefinitely scalable because they are available at lower cost and efficient to use.

Envion tokens use the ethereum blockchain technology. There is the total supply of 150 million tokens and investors will receive the 75% of the Envion earnings. They also have the option to reinvest 25% to boost the future payouts. Out of the 150 million tokens, 83% are for token investors, 10% are for the founders, 2% for the bounties and 5% for the Envion AG reserve.

The Bottom Line

These are the best ICOs to invest in 2018 which might make you a millionaire. But keep in mind that there are a lot of risks associated with the investments. Always make sure that you stay updated and read the latest news related to cryptocurrency and ICO investment.


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