5 Best Nigerian Nollywood Movies

5 Best Nigerian Nollywood Movies

By Ima Matthew | Sub Editor on July 25, 2017
Nollywood Confusion Na Wa
Set in a Nigerian city, Confusion Na Wa is a dark comedy about a group of strangers whose fates become intertwined over the course of 24 hours. Directed by Kenneth Gyang, 2013

Nollywood is Africa’s pride when it comes to the entertainment scene, being rated the second largest movie industry behind Bollywood in terms of movies produced per year. Nollywood indeed is a force to reckon with and has managed to stand the test of time by being flexible and adaptable to emerging demands. Africa’s biggest movie industry is producing it all from comedy, action, horror, drama, and soap opera among other genres. Nollywood’s flexibility enables it to entrench new themes like gambling in its movies drawing ideas from some of the best gambling movies to date.

Ghetto Dreamz The Trent Nollywood Movies

  1. Ghetto Dreamz

Sitting on top of our list is Ghetto Dreamz, a movie dedicated to the late Hip Hop artist Dagrin who died at the age of 24. Ghetto Dreamz is inspired by Dagrin’s life and it recreates his life struggles, challenges, personal life and tragic death. At the same time, the movie acts as a social commentary on the lives of young people. Just like any other young, rich and famous person, Dagrin had to face the double faced love from family, friends, and fans. In trying to cut a forlorn figure he created his own team. Further to this, Ghetto Dreamz with Owning Mahony, allows us to see a man who is torn between doing what he is socially expected to do as being a responsible and role model citizen and appeasing his own desire for the fast life. Just like Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is a responsible banker falls into the addictive gambling world, so too does Dagrin fall into the fast but dangerous life. At the end, both men fall due to the love of glamour.

Slow Country Nigerian MOvies The Trent

  1. Slow Country

Slow Country is a movie starring Ivie Okujaye, Sambasa Nzeribe, Majid Michel and Tope Tedela. The movie is centred on a mother (Ivie Okujaye) who in the quest to escape poverty runs into a prostitution and drug trafficking ring. Ivie for the next seven years becomes a loyal servant for a ruthless boss who later on fails to let go his most trusted cash cow. In her pursuit of freedom, Ivie has to defeat her former master, a ruthless and cunning man. What ensues is an epic battle that can equate to the fight between Sam Rothstein and Nicky Santaro in the movie Casino.

Poster for Ojukokoro | Twitter/Yasminn_D/Singularity Media
  1. Ojukokoro

Ojukokoro is a crime-heist film, ranking as number three on our list. This is a movie about a manager (Wale Ojo) who decides to take a heist on a company that he is contracted under. Ojukokoro goes through many comic battles in an effort to alleviate his money problems. The movie is brought to life by a number of like-minded criminals who Ojukokoro meets and has to defeat in his quest to make the heist of his life. For those who have seen Hollywood’s The Hangover, Ojukokoro’s play includes all the funny characters are quite similar to the American blockbuster’s character personalities.

  1. Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell is a romantic comedy with renowned actors who make this movie a memorable watch. Kiss and Tell has a gambling theme in that two friends bet on one of the friends having sex with a divorcee who has lost his love for men. The two men, Lyke and Bernard, make a bet that Lyke has to have sex with Dalphine in 10 days or he forfeits 5% of his shares in a company they owned. Bernard keeps the movie tense and suspenseful by telling Tena, a friend of Dalphine’s, of the bet.

Confusion Na Wa The Trent
Set in a Nigerian city, Confusion Na Wa is a dark comedy about a group of strangers whose fates become intertwined over the course of 24 hours. Directed by Kenneth Gyang, 2013
  1. Confusion Na Wa

Confusion Na Wa is a movie starring the much loved Ramsey Noah. It is centred on two opportunists who seek to make a quick buck by blackmailing the owner of a lost cell phone who has some criminally incriminating messages on the phone. However, in the wake, they set up a chain of events they soon regret.


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