5 Best Way To Lose Weight Using A Liquid Diet

5 Best Way To Lose Weight Using A Liquid Diet

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on September 14, 2018
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Losing weight is not always a good thing especially if you are not doing it the right way. Diets are not always the same for everyone since everyone wouldn’t be in the same health condition. It is always better to check with a doctor if you are serious about losing weight. A proper dietician will certainly assist you with an excellent plan based on your health and ailments if any.

Today, we will concentrate on a liquid-based diet to lose weight. We do know that liquid diets are low in carbohydrates and calories which is the main reasons for people to start a liquid diet with proper consultation or knowledge. When we talk about the liquid diet, the most used kitchen equipment would a juicer or a blender.

Losing weight with Liquid Diet

Most of the food consumed on a daily basis would be in the form of liquid. It could be a regular fruit juice or an unknown concoction with lots of ingredients. There are different types of liquid diets and to follow this diet, you will certainly need to be mentally and physically prepared.

  • Meal Replacement Diet
  • Detox and Cleanses Diet
  • Medically Prescribed Diet

These 3 major forms of a liquid diet are commonly provided for those who wish to lose weight with a few personalized and prohibited food items. Liquid diets involve a lot of juicer or blender at work every day.

If more than one person is following the same liquid diet in the family at the same time, your blender would be on full time. The blender works hard like you do to lose weight as well. To ensure that you have an excellent blender, you can always check reviews from experts in the field and also, you can read some blender comparisons here.

You might ask what makes a blender efficient. There are several points to research before buying this compact and stylish kitchen appliance. A few of those points are:

  • Power
  • Capacity
  • Speed Variable
  • Design
  • Container

We all use the juicer or the blender every now and then. However, did we ever check these points before getting the blender? Well, do not make the same mistake twice. After getting to know its benefits, you will realize that you need to check expertjuicerreviews.com for the best blender that suits your style.

Benefits of Blender

I understand that many of us don’t like to consume different types of veggies and limit ourselves to only a few. Blending those veggies that you don’t like into a smoothie will be a lot easier to consume all those the much-needed vegetables.

When you are prescribed or willing to go on a liquid diet, check out these benefits and you will certainly buy an efficient blender.

Add vegetables and greens that you hate to eat

Nothing is visible in the smoothie that you prepare for your regular meal time. Everything will be completed ground to a liquid state and you just need to consume it as part of your diet, which is easier than consuming solid veggies.

Hunger reduction

The more you feel the need to eat, the lesser the chances you have of losing weight. By having a liquid diet, you can avoid your hunger pangs. Consume as much food as possible in the form of liquid as it provides a lot of calories and not carbohydrates as compared to normal food.

Retain fibers

Boiling food will certainly not retain the fiber content, however; blending or grinding them is always a better option to retain the fibers. The better the fiber content you consume, the better our digestive system performs. This assists in lowering the risk of chronic diseases and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Food breaks down faster

Since you are consuming food in liquid form, they need not have to go through the long digestive process and time. Most of the breakdown work will be done by the blender. Nutrients and vitamins will be absorbed by the body at a much faster pace, providing you energy quicker.


The liquid diet requires proper planning and a juicer or blender is a must-have in the planning along with a proper diet to follow inculcating all nutrients. Being said that, good luck with losing weight via liquid diet as it is considered to be one of the best methods.


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