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5 Coffee Packaging Trends For 2018

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are exciting times ahead for the coffee packaging industry. New technologies and the ever changing consumer demands have fuelled a series of new approaches to packaging designs globally. The new trends incorporate taking a holistic approach to packaging without missing out on the obvious benefits of simple and minimalistic designs that have ensured success in the past. In light of these recent changes in the packaging world, we take a look at the top coffee packaging trends that have rocked 2018.


Flexible Packaging

The beverage industry isn’t left out in the recent waves of demand for flexible packaging. In fact, flexible coffee packaging has been embraced by many manufacturers as this modality offers a myriad of benefits that aren’t available using its rigid counterparts.

For one, the ease of transportation associated with this trend is unparalleled. Flexible packages like aluminium foils add little to the existing weight of coffee. Moreover, digital printing flexible packaging provides a branding opportunity that utilizes 3d printing technology to bring out the pest possible designs that now dominate the coffee industry. It’s unlikely that a more interesting development will envelope the beverage industry as much as the flexible packaging trend as done in 2018.


Over the years, standard coffee bags which are usually folded at the top were the norm for coffee packing. These bags made it difficult to protect the freshness of coffee and were often unusable once opened up. Now, zipper reclosers are the one of the new coffee packaging trends disrupting the industry. This new approach prevent the coffee from staling away as the coffee bags can be sealed off from every external factor that makes coffee lose its freshness. This feature guarantees a better shelf life and ensures that a consumer can reuse the bag after opening.

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Sustainable packaging

This is all about taking responsibility for the environment and joining in the move towards a greener world. In view of this, many coffee manufactures are opting for recyclable packaging materials for their products. This trend as swept across other niches especially when big brands like Coca-Cola have sworn that about 50% of their packaging materials will be produced from recycled stuff. Even so, consumers are increasingly frustrated by how much waste is generated from the amount of packaging they discard every day, and are willing to spend more on products made by companies that are dedicated to environmentally friendly packaging.



2018 is the year of minimalist packaging and straightforward design concepts for coffee packaging.

Studies from various industry experts have revealed that modern consumers are less likely to purchase a coffee product branded with a ton of information on the packaging.

Instead, simple packaging with designs that get the message out in as few words as possible catch the eye of potential consumers faster.

This trend places more emphasis on the central details of a design and prioritizes the symbolism of the design over the volume of words and colors.



As ironic as it may be, the coffee Packaging industry has embraced calligraphy as a tool reach out to the modern consumers.

Unlike the ancient approach, however, modern calligraphy using innovations in technology drives this outlandish coffee packaging trend.

This development has found its way into the drinks industry and has helped coffee brands to establish their identities in a highly competitive market.

The art has proven extremely good in this regard, making room for designers to add their own unique imprints to coffee packages and play around with styles that have ultimately captured the modern consumers and have led to increased sales for manufactures.

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