5 DIY Home Storage Solutions You Need Now

5 DIY Home Storage Solutions You Need Now

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Let is face it – we all have some items that we could get rid of and we all have a little bit of clutter that could be cleaned up and put away. It happens. Below, we will talk about some awesome DIY storage solutions that you AND your home need NOW. These storage solutions will help you get organized and feel less like your home is a cluttered mess.

Clear Up the Bathroom Counters

You know those produce baskets that come with either two or three baskets? Yep, you need one of those for your bathroom. These baskets are ideal for a specific storage area and will allow you to organize your place as much-needed bathroom essentials inside such as your toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, some small hand towels, and more.

By using one of these baskets on your bathroom counter, you will free up a ton of space and have an organized and neat area.

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Get a Grip on Trays and Pans

Ever head into your cabinet to pull out a sheet pan only for all the others to follow and fall? We have a solution for that and it is as easy as a filing organizer. Simply screw the organizer into the bottom of the cabinet and then place your trays and pans in the slots. You will find that you can easily access the tray you need, and the others will remain in place and organized for future use.

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Take on the Spices with a Little Extra Wall Space

If you have a cabinet full of spices and a little extra wall space, you are good to go. This inexpensive idea is perfect for those on a budget too. Simply take a small piece of strong wire and wrap it around the neck of your spice jar and create a loop at the top to hang the spice.

Once you have wire loops on all the spice jars, add a nail to the wall for each one and hang them up. In seconds you will have a nice spice collection on your wall and you will have freed up your cabinet too.

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Keep Books Off the Floor

If you have kids, you know that books end up littering the floor in your home. There is a simple solution to solve that problem and that is – hang some wooden crates on the wall. In fact, you can take a single wooden crate from the craft store, cut it in half and attach it to the wall for convenient and easy book storage.


Take Back Your Home Today with These Home Storage Hacks

Home storage does not have to be fancy, expensive, or difficult and you can easily take every day items and turn them into a storage solution in your home. The above four ideas are perfect for any home and do not take long to make or implement. With a little thought and time, you will have your home organized quickly, affordably, and without a headache.


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