5 Easy Tips To Charm Your In-Laws

5 Easy Tips To Charm Your In-Laws

By The Times of India on June 8, 2014
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If you are planning to get hitched this wedding season, one of the main things bothering you would be is — whether you’ll be able to get along with your spouse’s relatives? If you want to make the best impression with the first meeting after the vows, here’s what you should to do to help make a smooth start.

Gifts for all
It’s not just the two people, but their entire families that tie the knot. Hence, it is equally important to charm each and every member of your new family. Gifting is the best way to start a new relationship, but make sure to buy something significant (even if small) for all the members of your new family. This will help you break the ice and start on a good note, as everyone likes to feel ‘important’.

Put forth all your points
Do not leave anything to imagination. Clear out any doubts or questions you have about anything right at the outset — preferably on the first day itself. It could be anything — right from late working hours, social life, habits, etc, so that the family prepares themselves for the change. Remember to tell everything in a casual and preferably, funny way, so that it doesn’t sound too heavy to digest.

Networking with all
A humble handshake, some small talk and a few greetings here and there won’t spoil your health. In fact, they will help improve the health of your relationship. Make sure you introduce yourself to each and every member of the family, from the youngest to the eldest. Communication skills are are pivotal. This will impress your in-laws as they will feel you are humble and respect that fact you are into a new family now.

Talk about future plans
Do not brag! However, you can discuss your future plans with your new family as a part of the first day conversations. Plans of buying a new house, big car, investments and family holidays will impress them a lot, as they would be convinced that you are a visionary. It will portray your ambitious side and will attract a lot of praise from the elder members who will realise that the future of their son/daughter is in safe hands.

Display your special skills
Try to display at least one special skill on the first day, this will get you a lot of thumbs-ups. Something like a culinary skill or an artistic one, anything out of the box will do good. However, do not try to do something that you are not confident about, as this might be risky. Small things like making a nice cup of coffee or putting up an artistic painting done by you in the house sounds cool.

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