5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Reportedly Gamble On Online Casinos

5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Reportedly Gamble On Online Casinos

By Ani Afuekwe | Entertainment Reporter on September 21, 2018
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Hollywood stars Ben Affleck (R) and Matt Damon | Getty Images

Obviously, nowadays not only regular people are engaged in online casino-related activities, because there are many world-famous celebrities who enjoy gambling online as well. It should not be of any surprise, simply because online gambling is getting incredibly popular with all people on Earth.

There is even more than that – most celebrities are eager to spend some portion of their income on web-based gambling, so there are lots of respectable Hollywood stars who are actually fond of real money slots accessible online.

Various web-based gaming platforms offer plenty of gaming-related possibilities for people of different income level and different geographical locality, and obviously, gaming activities come in very useful to those who travel a lot. Celebrities in this respect are known to constantly go on tours across different regions, so they don’t always have a chance to head for brick and mortar casinos in Vegas. This is where online casinos come into play by offering lots of fascinating chances to big win.

Here is a list of top celebrities who have a reputation of avid online gamblers being passionate about everything related to casino activities.

Ray Romano Casino
This June 4, 2012 file photo shows actor Ray Romano arrives for the Classic Television/Today’s Stars: Live Stage Reading Of “Marty” in Los Angeles. | Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP
Ray Romano

Raymond Albert Romano is most commonly known as a US comedian star, screenwriter and actor. He acquired a strong image due to his role in a comedy show entitled “Everybody Loves Raymond”, which was even nominated for Emmy Award. However, he has yet another prominent role in the “Ice Age” series where he voiced one of the characters – Manny.

Raymond Romano has an incredibly successful career as a prominent Hollywood celebrity and those who are acquainted with the show “Everybody Loves Raymond” definitely might remember how many references there were to not only sport games like golf, but also gambling-related ones. In fact, Ray Romano is known to be passionate about both golf and casinos even in the real-time setting, so this is not a big surprise at all.

It is also known for sure that Raymond Romano is an avid online poker player who even participated in the World Tournament in Poker at some point in his life, even though online poker game is not his only passion when it comes to discussing his gaming-related career.

However, similarly to the rest of reputable movie stars and iconic celebrities, Romano seems to be passionate about video poker most of all. As such, not many people know that Ray Romano is not only a highly successful comedy star and show participant of all times, but also a true gambler at heart who enjoys spending time at online gaming platforms and definitely has enough finances for such kind of entertainment. He is widely recognized as a person who does not economize on gambling activities of all types, so he continues engaging in various tournaments and contests at online casino platforms.

Hollywood stars Ben Affleck (R) and Matt Damon
Hollywood stars Ben Affleck (L) and Matt Damon sitting at a poker table
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

This is yet another pair of world-famous Hollywood celebrities who enjoy online gambling-related activities. Ben Affleck in particular is globally recognized as an American movie star and at the same time a legendary filmmaker that already has a huge portfolio of lead roles in various drama, comedy and action movies, but he is also renowned for his creative activity as a screenwriter and film project director among many other of his duties. He is also known for his long-lasting friendship with his neighbor and yet another iconic movie star Matt Damon, who also has a huge passion for gambling-related activities.

This might be exactly what united these two celebrities. Both of these celebrities come from Los Angeles and some of their roles were part of one project, such as the world-known “Good Will Hunting” movie released at the end of the previous century. This drama film featured both of these actors and became a legendary product of cinematograph that received high appraisal from the critics.

When it comes to Ben Affleck’s passion about gambling activities, it is worth noting that his love for such kind of entertainment has been referenced in many of his movies where he played the lead roles. Matt Damon, his childhood friend, is also a star who has been part of online casino industry for quite a long time.

One of the legendary movie products of Matt Damon is “Rounders” released at the end of 1990s, which has helped him to shape the way modern-day online casino activities look like for the first time in his career. Since that time, this has become his long-lasting source of inspiration. Both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are often mentioned as the kind of celebrities that have direct relation to the online gambling industry as they are both true fans of such kind of activities.

Jennifer Tilly
Jennifer Tilly
Jennifer Tilly

This globally acknowledged celebrity could be regarded as one of the most outstanding and popular online gamblers among the rest of famous people. In reality, there is even more than that, because Jennifer Tilly is currently regarded as a respectable professional player of poker, not simply a big fan of this game who plays for the sake of having fun.

She happened to become increasingly successful as a world-level poker player and even earned a considerable sum of cash through this means of entertainment. It is claimed by some people that she is doing really well in this sphere and could be compared with those who have won the topmost prize at online casinos turning into the prominent jackpot winners who have hit the headlines.

Jennifer Tilly definitely destroys all sorts of biases towards women’s engagement in gambling-related activities, which are more peculiar to world-famous male stars. Breaking the stereotypes, Jennifer Tilly turned into another legendary poker player in the world of celebrity icons.

Charlie Sheen
FILE – In this April 11, 2013 file photo, Charlie Sheen, a cast member in “Scary Movie V,” poses at the Los Angeles premiere of the film at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles. | Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP
Charlie Sheen

This is one more TV show celebrity who absolutely adores everything related to gambling and in particular online casinos. Charlie Sheen is known for his true affection for gaming entertainment, which is one of his bad habits. He lives and works in New York and is commonly known as an American actor who appeared in such movies as “The Three Musketeers” (1993), Young Guns (1988) and lots of other film products that went down in history as true masterpieces of cinematograph.

He is a Best Actor Award winner for his participation in various TV series, comedy shows and musicals. He earned several Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominations as well. These are among his major credits, but not all people know that he had been engaged in various instances of domestic violence in his marital life as well as such problems as alcohol and drug abuse.

Be that as it may, his passion for gambling and poker in particular could be regarded as one of such vices that he just cannot resist. He is commonly known as a big fan of sports betting amusements as well, which is ranked among the most spectacular online gaming activity that the majority of modern-day casino users are passionate about.

It seems as if in the recent years, Charlie Sheen has been trying to cut down on lots of his previous sources of inspiration, but he remains loyal to such activity as gambling and continues to engage in various online casino competitions and poker tournaments.

As such, gambling remains a favorite recreational activity for millions of people globally and celebrities are not an exception. Too many people think that famous stars might be too busy for such kind of activities, but the real state of affairs shows that movie icons and legends of cinematograph have all resources to engage in whatever activities they wish, so next time you sit at an online casino table, check who is playing against you, because it might just as well turn out to be some world-level celebrity.


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