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A writer plays an important role in uplifting the brand image by creating high-quality content. If you want to become an expert writer then you need to create the content that resonates with the target audience. It will not only help to present your message but achieve the desired goals as well. Creating quality content is necessary to rank higher in SERPs and improve the branding on social media. Here are the five killer ways to become an expert writer.

Reading and Mastering Writing Styles

Reading is important to master your writing skills. When you read, you will learn the language, writing styles and develop your vocabulary. It also helps you to stay updated in your industry. If you have the knowledge about the topic then you can write a perfect piece of content. You should pay attention to various writing styles and implement them in your content. Depending on the type of content such as a blog, social media or eBook, add the writing style and make the content piece comprehensible. In academic essay writing, you should research thoroughly by reading a lot of magazines and newspapers and learn the writing skills.

Choose the Topic

Choosing the right topic is necessary to get more readers. Before selecting the topic, ask yourself that for whom the topic is created and its purpose. This will help you to select the topic that will earn more engagements. Ideation involves analyzing competitor’s content, social media, brainstorm sessions, etc. You can also browse authoritative sites as their content is trustworthy. Check the social shares on Buzzsumo to know the popularity of the topic.

For essay writing, gather the ideas from the newspaper and magazines and come out with an interesting topic. The topic should be trendy, and popular to get more attention. Finally, select the topic and write a magnetic headline to attract the visitors to read your article.

Formatting and Language

If you want to become an expert writer then you should be careful with the formatting. All essays require an original title, introduction, several paragraphs in body explaining the arguments and a small concluding paragraph at the end. Use standard fonts, margins on all sides and proper spacing. Language should be clear and concise. Avoid using long sentences and slangs. Academic essay writing is generally addressed to a third person so avoid using the second person and keep the tone formal. Remember not to use passive sentences more than 10%.

Write Original and Interesting Content

The content should be 100% unique. Provide value to the content and present the ideas that are original in order to get more engagements from the readers. If you write a unique and relevant content then you can create the positive image and become an expert writer in your industry. Content should be in a proper flow supporting all the arguments making it an interesting read. You should always choose the credible sources and cite them properly.

Choose the words carefully including emotional and powerful words which improve the readability of the essay and create the strong impact on the readers. Transition words such as “However”, “Moreover”, etc make the content more convincing and compelling to the readers.


It is one of the crucial ways to improve the academic essay writing. If your content is having mistakes then it will create a negative impact on the readers in spite of presenting the brilliant ideas in the content. Being an expert writer you should always proofread the content well. Check the grammar, style errors, spelling errors, etc and correct the essay. You can use tools such as Grammarly.

Avoid the plagiarized content and check it in the plagiarism checker to prevent the duplicate content. Correct the formatting and styling of the content. After final editing, always read the essay at least 2 times and check if there are content errors. Rectify all the errors and read the essay for the one final time.

The Bottom Line

There is no secret formula to become an expert content writer. You have to put a lot of efforts for producing an original and error free content to allure the readers. Know your readers well and develop the right content skills to propel your career as an expert content writer in your industry.


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