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5 Signs HE Is Ready To Have A Baby

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1. He is financially stable

What about his career? Is he settled in a good job? Is he ready to take the responsibility? Once he is in a good job and has it all going smooth, that’s the time he starts thinking about kids. For a baby, it is very important for you to be financially stable as a couple. Bringing up babies is an expensive affair and before you plan one you have to make sure you are capable of paying those bills. Once you are sure of financial stability, check for the signs given below.

2. He mentions ‘when we have kids…’ often

Do his day-to-day conversations include ‘when we have kids…’? If he uses this phrase often, he is ready to have a family. Moreover, he may also talk about baby names he likes or what it would be like to have a baby at home. This means that he’s already thought of having a kid. A guy who doesn’t want to have a family will never mention anything about babies or kids.

3. He has a plan in mind

Having babies requires a lot of planning. If your husband or partner frequently says that he is planning to buy a bigger house or invest in a good car before having a baby, he is clearly interested in having a family. It is great that he is planning it well.

4. He talks to his parents about being grandparents

Notice what he says when he is around his parents of your parents. It is not normal for a guy who is not ready for a family to constantly talk about babies or about parents being grandparents when with parents. If he does discuss parenting and grand parenting, you two are definitely on the same page.

5. He often offers to babysit his nieces or nephews

Has he started practicing the skill to handle babies already? When he frequently asks to babysit, he may want to know what it is like spending a lot of time with babies. He may want to make sure whether this is something he really wants. This is a clear sign that he is thinking about his family.

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