5 Signs That You’re Working Too Much

5 Signs That You’re Working Too Much

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Most people must work to make a living, to sustain themselves, maybe a family too and a home. But how much of your life are you spending behind a desk or out on the road for your employer? How much free time are you getting to balance your routine? If you’re regularly working overtime and taking work home with you, the long-term impact can be bad for your health. Here are five signs that you’re working too much.

Your mood has changed

If you’re putting in loads of hours every week, you’re sure to become tired. The effects of too little sleep or the exertion of too much energy can generate all sorts of symptoms – including mood swings. You may find yourself getting angry and frustrated about small things that would have never affected you in the past. You may not see things in perspective and you may have little patience – both in your personal and professional life.

All those add up to a stressed mood. One that people will notice in you and one that could ultimately cost you your job and friends.

You can’t sleep

Another sign that you’re overdoing it in your work is not being able to sleep at night. Yes, you may be extremely tired from working so much, but going to bed with lots on your mind can also keep you awake into the early hours. Then you end up having less sleep than you need, contributing further to mood changes.

You feel ill

If you’re wondering why you always catch a cold and flu when it goes around the office, maybe there’s a reason. It’s because you’re tired and overworked. If your immune system is low, it may make you more susceptible to picking up illnesses. You may also retain them for longer.

However, if you feel poorly on a regular basis, or are suffering mood changes, you should speak to your doctor or another medical expert about what you should do. Left unchecked, conditions could get worse. If you feel like you’ve not received the medical care you need, or any treatment has gone wrong in your view, you can speak to solicitors from companies such as the-medical-negligence-experts.co.uk. This is also the case for if an accident at work has occurred and the surgery or medical examination you have undergone afterwards was a form of medical neglect.

You don’t see family and friends

One of the other symptoms of a poor work-life balance is that you start rejecting your family and friends. Maybe you have so much going on in your professional life, you’re now not finding the time. Or maybe you are so tired in the evenings and at weekends, you just can’t be bothered to meet up with anyone or take part in any activities. This can become a real issue if you then start losing those closest to you.

You’ve forgotten how to laugh

If you’re not spending much time with your family and friends, you won’t be having much of a social life – catching up on the old times, laughing about all those crazy things you’ve done together. Laughing is good for you. Try to get more into your life!


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