5 Signs She Wants To Move In With You

5 Signs She Wants To Move In With You

By DFTM on February 20, 2015

When it comes to a long-term relationship, chances are your girlfriend will be the first one who brings up the idea of living with you. She might come right out and ask you if you want to start sharing accommodations, but it’s just as likely she’ll send subtle signals to suggest she wants to make the leap into your bachelor pad.

Here are 5 of the most obvious signs that she wants to move in with you:

1. Sleepovers turn into week long visits
After the two of you have been dating for a while, it may become normal for your girlfriend to sleep over at your place every now and then. However, when she starts turning a one-night sleep over into an extended, week long visit or begins staying at your place when you’re out of town, it may be a signal that she is thinking about a more permanent move.

2. She starts occupying your space
If a woman is thinking about moving in, one of her first steps will be to start leaving basic things at your place like her toothbrush and bath towel in order to ease you into the little details of her lifestyle. Then she’ll appropriate a drawer of your dresser or start keeping her female products in your medicine cabinet.

3. She begins decorating your home
Recognize that decorating and even cleaning will make your girlfriend feel more attached to your place. Furthermore, the new curtains in the living room that she picked out will also give her a sense of belonging.

4. She mentions how convenient your place is for her
Listen carefully to her when she begins mentioning how much easier it is for her to commute to work from your place, or if she complains about how expensive it is for her to pay rent at her apartment.

5. She starts casually referring to your apartment as home
Notice when she casually starts referring to your apartment as “our” apartment and says things like “Sweetie, are you ready to go home?” It may be tempting to ignore these phrases, but trust me–they’re not just a slip of her tongue–she’s beginning to mark her territory!

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