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5 Types Of Pain You Must NEVER Ignore

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“Let me give it one more day, I am sure this pain will just go away.” If this is you when you witness any kind of discomfort or pain in your body, then it’s probably time you paid heed to your body’s signals.

Serious or minor, the gravity of the body pain can be detected only if you get it checked by a specialist. Here are some of the top pains you should not ignore as they might need grave medical attention.

Pain in the chest
This could potentially be a warning sign for a heart attack or other serious cardiovascular ailments. The other possible causes of chest pain are digestion problems, gas problems, stress, cold, fever and body ache. Though these may sound like minor health conditions which we often tend to suffer from, pain in the chest should not be ignored in any way. Please note that along with chest pain, if you suffer from throat, jaw, upper chest or left shoulder pain, then you should visit a cardiologist immediately as they are symptoms of a heart attack.

Wife’s nagging, husband’s laziness or your kid’s incessant demands for the xbox, there are endless reasons why you might suffer from headaches, but do you know that frequent headaches can be a cause of brain tumor or brain hemorrhage? It is best to visit your doctor if you tend to suffer from sudden and extremely painful outbursts of headache.

Pain in the lower back
Pain in lower back can occur due to various factors such as stress, high manual labour jobs or abdominal problems. But how many of you know that pain in the lower back can also mean aortic dissection and problem in the vessel wall, which can lead to a silent heart attack? Not many, we think! People with high blood pressure, smokers, diabetic patients and people with a history of circulation problems should not take lower back problems lightly.

Pain in the abdomen
Severe pain in the abdomen can be a sign of appendix. No, we don’t mean to say that everytime you suffer from a stomach ache you should panic but if the problem occurs too often it can be because you have stomach ulcers, intestinal blockages or pancreas problems.

Burning sensation in the legs or feet
Now, something as minor as this can be because of nasty mosquito bites in the monsoon season, but according to the American Diabetes Association this can be an initial sign of peripheral neuropathy. It is linked to nerve damage if the burning sensation in the legs or feet occurs too frequently or often.

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