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5 Ways For Mums To Get Their ‘Sexy’ Back

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1. Wear something sexy- as superficial as it may sound, it can do wonders to boost your confidence and self esteem. Put on some heels, work that short dress. Make an effort to bring your sexy back but most importantly don’t do it for your partner, or for general public consumption, but for yourself. This will remind you, that you are still an attractive, confident woman.

2. Pamper yourself- Every once in a while, it is important to take out time exclusively for you. A day at the spa, retail therapy, girlfriend time, books and other guilty pleasures because you deserve it. Create the ultimate pamper zone for yourself, treating yourself to all the things you love the most.

3. Wear a signature scent- Perfume is believed to boost mood. So, next time you feel the morning dullness hitting you, just spray a few drops of your favorite perfume and enjoy its aromatherapy benefits. Whether you’re looking for an alluring scent for yourself, or something for your man, choose your perfume wisely and don’t act stingy while applying it throughout the day. You’ll be surprised at what a confidence and mood booster it can be.

4. Nurture yourself- Mother’s are often so consumed in nurturing others that they tend to neglect themselves. Nurturing yourself is of utmost importance. The most important ingredient to nurturing yourself is getting adequate amount of sleep and rest. With the right amount of sleep, you get the right kind of energy. That energy is important to sustain you through the day and keep you on your toes.

5. Eat yourself sexy- Its not that difficult to slip into that little black dress, despite having a couple of kids and husband in tow. Just remember to eat some health goodies instead of grabbing a ‘quick bite’ of spare junk food or the sugary chocolate for the extra boost.

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