5 Ways Technology Is Saving The World

5 Ways Technology Is Saving The World

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on January 16, 2020
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Technological developments are on the rise, helping the world become more secure, green and prosperous. While there are a number of people that are against the idea of being so dependant on technology, you cannot deny the fact that it is only due to technology that we are living such luxurious lives.

A lot has changed in the past 10 years. We are actually living in the future with technology all around us. You being able to read this article is all due to technology.

Today, we have VR technologies dominating the era as they provide a reality-like environment for gamers and when watching movies. Top notch advance technology is shaping lives and has taken the healthcare sector to a whole new level and is saving millions of lives.

Many people are of the idea that technology is only helping the business sector, but that is far from the truth. Yes, it has helped businesses grow and make more money, but technology is actually helping one and all.

Check this page to study about molding machines that have revolutionized an entire industry, but it is not only helping the business. It also allows more people to get hired while helping the GDP, so the benefits are for everyone.

In fact, the mechanical industry too is on a roll as we see amazing inventions from time to time. A lot of people might debate on the fact that technology gives rise to pollution but in reality, it all depends upon how you use that piece of technology.

All in all, technology is indeed helping the world. Let’s know more about how:

Desalination Plants

For a 7.6 billion world population, water is scarce. There are many countries where drinking water is a luxury. Thanks to the invention of desalination plants, hard water can be made usable and drinkable. These plants help evaporate salt from water, removing the hardness from it.

More than 120 countries have desalination plants including Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, China, Spain, Oman, UAE and more. The largest desalination plant is found in India in Minjur, Chennai. It provides the city with 36.5K million liters of drinking water each year. However, Saudi Arabia is the top producer of desalinated water.



Light resources are responsible for at least 5% of greenhouse gases and 15% of the world’s energy consumption. However, with the invention of LEDs, this number can be reduced as they use less energy.

This technology only utilizes 25% of what incandescent bulbs use. That’s a lot of energy saving. On top of that, they run 25 times more than other light technology.

LEDs are cooler than other technologies and pose no threat of combustion or getting a person injured when handling it. They also don’t break easily, thanks to the epoxy glass which is sturdier than normal glass.


Easy And Reliable Data Storing With Cloud Technology

Gone are the days when you needed USBs to store data thanks to cloud computing. Thanks to this technology, you can put it all on the cloud without any trouble and access data in a jiffy from any device.

With cloud computing, you can even collaborate with others on a project and save time and money as well.

Last but not the least, cloud is offering top notch security to businesses and companies. This has reduced the percentage of data going corrupt, stolen or leaked which cost millions of dollars to companies in the past.

electric cars electric car

Electric Cars

It is believed that vehicles are the number one contributors towards pollution as they emit a lot of smoke. Plus, the number of cars on the road is also on a rise.

The smoke emitted is said to cause harm not only to humans but plants, animals and the entire environment as well. Many believe that Japan has the longest lifespan due to there being less pollution as a large number of people prefer to ride bikes there.

However, cycles won’t do us any good if we want to travel far. To counter this problem, engineers came up with the idea of electric cars. These cars operate on electricity and produce almost no pollution at all.

This sure disrupts the electrical usage but today we have many means of generating electricity such as biomass, solar power, wind turbines, geothermal energy etc. If we compare a car operated on gas with a car that runs on electricity, an electric car is much more reliable and safer.

It is estimated that by 2025, America will have 25% of electrical cars on the road.

Bioremediation proves successful in Nelson Mandela Bay

Another successful and much needed technology that is shaping the environment like never before. This process helps clean contaminated water by removing nitrate and arsenic from it.

The process is more simple than other practices because no energy is required and no pesticides need to be used.

A large part of waste is being dealt with this technology.

All in all, science, IT, medical and engineering technologies are shaping the world well and the future is clearly in safe hands.


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