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6 Common Benefits Of Poly Water Tanks

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ater tanks are an essential asset of almost every home. They are useful in storing large quantities of water, helpful in a period of water shortage. There are many different types to choose from, one of which is poly water tanks.

Polyethylene tanks have a set of characteristics that make them ideal and most suitable for water storage. They have a smooth, easily cleanable surface and they show high resistance to chemical agents and pressure.

Let’s take a look at why these tanks have recently been gaining popularity.

Low Maintenance

Poly water tanks require almost little to no maintenance, unlike many of the other types of water tanks. Materials like cement, steel, and fibreglass can be expensive and require a lot of care. With poly tanks, there’s also no need to worry about rusting.

Additionally, some poly water tanks for trucks also come with a built-in self-cleaning system to clean all of the dirt and debris that collects inside. If not, you can easily install one yourself.

Leak Resistant

Potential leak points in your water tanks can be an ongoing responsibility and cost a fortune in water bills if not fixed soon. Poly tanks don’t have this issue as they are seamlessly moulded as a one-piece item.

Steel tanks on the other hand can rust and corrode, developing pin leaks and stress points at wields. The seamless construction of poly tanks ensures less chance of leaks.

High Durability

One of the major benefits that really make poly tanks so in-demand is that they are a long-term investment that could even outlive you if given the proper care.

The UV stabilizers built into the material keep them from deteriorating quickly and save them during harsh environments, including intense heat.

Stress-Free Installation

Owing to the high durability and low weight of poly water tanks, it’s easy to handle and transport them anywhere. Other tanks, like fibreglass water tanks, require certain handling requirements that can be costly if handled incorrectly.

In terms of installation, these tanks don’t require any extra work and if you ever decide to relocate or move the tanks around, you can do it very easily due to their lightweight material.

Very Affordable

Comparing them to other types, like cement or ceramic water tanks, poly water tanks are much more affordable and easy to get. In addition to their environmental benefits, they also provide economic advantages due to their low cost.

You can think of them as a one-time investment that will last up to 30 years. Its non-toxic and durable material keeps the water clean and safe in harsh weather conditions.

Variety of Designs Available

Poly tanks are usually made of food-grade plastics that maintain a high standard of purity and quality. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every household according to their preferences.

They can hold around 550 to 5000 litres of water and are typically circular in shape. There are tons of available colours as well, to fit the aesthetic of your home and seamlessly blend in.

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