6 Practical Tips For Designing Unique Wedding Invitations

6 Practical Tips For Designing Unique Wedding Invitations

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on March 26, 2020
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If you are looking to create a wow wedding, you should start by focusing on the little details. Adding simple touches to your wedding invitations will help to get guests set for the celebration. You can do this by customizing and personalizing the invitations so that they stand out. Going for a custom wedding invitation will be a great way to show off your personality, create wonderful memories, and save money. Here are a few steps you should remember along the way.


Pick a size and shape

A good number of people believe that the first step to designing a wedding invitation involves figuring out how the cards will look. However, you should start by picking your preferred size, shape, and the place to print the cards. Picking the right size and shape will go a long way in making the design process seamless. It would be important to think about postage as you do this.


Design a visual theme

Whether you prefer casual or formal, make sure that the visual theme you choose reflects your personality as a couple. With the numerous options available, you may want to spend a few days before picking the one that works for you. Try to use the same color theme that you will use during the wedding itself and pick the right font and calligraphy to go with it.

Collect images or assets

If you are not going the template route, you can consider using photos on the invitation. Wedding invitations with photos will help to get your guests prepared for the occasion. However, you should include only high-quality, high-resolution photos, as this will help you add a personal touch to the cards.


Create the perfect typeface

With the important role that the front of your wedding invitation plays in helping to pass your message, you should create the perfect typeface. Today, modern couples enjoy a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing wedding invitations. This flexibility means that you can exercise creativity to come up with an invitation that stands out. Regardless of the typeface you create, make sure it has the name of the couple to be married, date, time, and location as well as text to invite guests.


Add some unique features

There are several features that you can include to make your wedding invitation stand out. Depending on your preferences, these will include a personalized stamp, a ribbon, and a wash of watercolor. Make sure that the details you add will help you show off your personality as a couple. These details will enhance the appearance of the invitation, effectively increasing the impact that the card has on your guests.

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Get inspiration from professionals

It requires a great deal of creativity to design a wow wedding invitation. The good news is that you can get inspiration from professionals who offer original and diverse design ideas. Today, there are online sites through which you can access customizable wedding invitation designs, a factor that will help to make your work easier. The templates will also be cost-effective and save you valuable time.

As you design the invitation, you should not forget to include the RSVP. The RSVP provides a channel through which people will inform you whether they are coming or not. Even as you focus on customizing the invitation, remember to stick to the basics of wedding invitations.


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