6 Things You Shouldn’t Share On A First Date

6 Things You Shouldn’t Share On A First Date

By Lipstiq on April 10, 2015
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So, you meet this fantastic guy and the two of you end up having some feelings for each other. You’ve gotten ready, you’re looking great and it is your first date with him.

How do you ensure that this date will go smoothly without any awkward bumps? Don’t do any of these things:

Share your financial status – I’m not too sure about a lot of people but it really annoys me when someone speaks of how much money they have or don’t have. The first date with someone is never a time to share how great you’re doing financially or not. You want to be evaluated for the person that you are, not your gross income.

Talk about your last relationship – This is possibly the beginning of something new and great. You don’t want to ruin its potential by bringing all the emotional baggage from your last relationship, which didn’t work out. He wants to get to know you, not what your ex did to you. There is no need to elaborate on how you were wronged, just enjoy the date and get to know your future partner.

Secrets – If you’re asking is it too soon to share a secret with someone on a first date then the answer is yes.

Your quirky family – Everybody’s family is a little quirky and everyone knows that when you date someone, you are also dating their family. You don’t want to paint a picture that makes your family seem as if they’re too much to handle because that can really put someone off.

Lie – Don’t exaggerate and don’t ever lie on the first date (or ever!) because if things work out, one day he will find out about whatever it is you’ve fibbed about. Your life is exciting enough as it is, so there is no need to make up some crazy story about how you survived a five-storey fall once.

Sleep with him – There are certain circumstances that make it somewhat acceptable to sleep with someone on the first date, but wouldn’t you prefer to wait and see if things will work out instead of jumping into bed with this man? Sex on a first date is a big mistake, so chill, wait until you’ve gotten to know one another a little better. It will be more fun then!

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