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6 Unbelievable Effects Of Alcohol On Your Skin

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After a fun night out with girls, often, our skin looks tired and dull the next day. Even though, it can be beneficial to have a glass of red wine from time to time, excessive alcohol drinking can definitely have negative effects on the way your skin looks and feels.
Today, let’s discuss six effects of alcohol on your skin, why alcohol detox can be beneficial, how to detox from alcohol safely and how to get freshness and glow back to our complexion after a fun night out with girls:

Reason #1 to have alcohol detox: Dull skin
After excessive alcohol drinking the skin can start to look dull and, even, grayish, instead of rosy and fresh. To fight dullness of the skin, make sure you eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially, oranges and grapefruits, which are rich in vitamin C. You can also use makeup to bring your face back to life, but, on our opinion, it’s better to combat the problem from the root, therefore, try to lead healthy lifestyle at all times or, at least, as much as you can.

Reason #2 to have alcohol detox: Skin dryness
Excessive alcohol consumption can not only lead to the dryness of the skin, but also of the whole system, this is why we often reach out for the bottle of water the next morning after a party. Well, the first, obvious, thing to do after a night out is to drink lots of water; the quicker you’ll get rid of toxins of alcohol – the better. Water will help hydrate your skin from within; but also, make sure you moisturize your skin from the outside; apply your favorite moisturizer, and if you have time, make your favorite facial mask. Here is one great facial mask that you can apply that can help infuse moisture and ‘life’ back into your skin: mix half a cucumber with 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt in your blender and apply a thick layer of this mask on your face for about 5-10 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Your face will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Reason #3 to have alcohol detox: Alcohol can encourage the appearance of wrinkles
Excessive alcohol drinking leads to dehydration of the system, which in turn can lead to more wrinkles. To prevent this unwanted consequence cut back on consuming alcohol, don’t smoke, make sure you drink plenty of water every day (8 or more glasses), eat less of the artificial sugar or even, avoid it altogether if your can, and eat lots of healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Reason #4 to have alcohol detox: Dark circles under eyes and eye puffiness
Alcohol can show up on your face leaving dark circles under your eyes, which, usually, don’t look very attractive. So, how to get rid of bags under eyes and dark circles? Well, first of all, make sure you don’t exaggerate with alcohol, drink it in moderation; also make sure you have enough of beauty sleep and finally, there are plenty of homemade facial masks that can help you get rid of dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. Let’s talk about some of them…One of the simplest tips on how to get rid of dark circles under eyes are cucumber slices, which can quickly help refresh the skin around your eyes and reduce puffiness. Place a slice of cucumber over each eye while lying down, keeping your eyes closed, leave it on for about 10 minutes, then splash your face with cold water. Do this daily for couple of days and your tired eyes will look more refreshed. Here is another easy remedy that can help you get rid of bags under eyes: apply ice cubes wrapped in soft cloth or cool tea bags on your eyes. Do this in the morning: apply refrigerated overnight, cool and damp tea bags over your closed eyes for about 10 minutes. Your eyes will feel relieved and will look more fresh. The tannin in tea bags will help reduce swelling, as well as discoloration.

Reason #5 to have alcohol detox: Loosing skin elasticity
Heavy drinking can lead to sagging facial features and the loss of skin elasticity, this is why, often, those who exaggerate with drinking have hooded, droopy eye lids, big bags under eyes and loose skin around the chin and neck. All this sounds so dreadful, that it cuts any desire of drinking alcohol.

Reason #6 to have alcohol detox: Acne and skin redness
Excessive consumption of alcohol, eating junk food at 4 in the morning, staying up and dancing all night long, as well as keeping your makeup on your face all day and then, all night long, can cause a big stress on facial skin and lead to breakouts and skin redness. Acne is mainly caused by bacteria and eating of greasy foods, but redness can be caused by broken capillaries (often around the nose and cheeks area)…To avoid this negative effects, make sure to wash your face before going out at night with girls, drink water through the night, limit your alcohol intake by one or two glasses per evening and cleanse your face thoroughly when you come back home, no matter how tired you feel…

We hope you found it useful. Feel free to leave your comments below and share your thoughts on this subject. Do you often drink alcohol? Do you see how alcohol affects your skin?

Stay beautiful!

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