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7 of the Biggest Drinking Myths Debunked

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You’ve probably heard the old saying “Liquor before beer, never fear. Beer before liquor, never sicker.” But did you know that’s actually not true?

It’s one of the most common misconceptions about drinking alcohol and although we swore it was true back in our college days, there is no proof of that being the case. So what explains all those times we downed a Budweiser and chased it with a shot of vodka and suffered horrible consequences?

Well it’s very likely it had to do with the amount of alcohol we consumed, rather than the order we consumed it in.

This isn’t the only drinking myth out there today. In fact, there are several beliefs about alcohol that don’t have any ounce of truth to them, yet are taken as such.

What are some of the most surprising ideas about drinking that aren’t actually true? We share with you seven of those myths that we found most shocking.


1.The type of drink doesn’t determine type of drunk you get

Numerous studies have shown the speed and amount of alcohol have a much greater influence on your mood than the kind of drink you’ve had.

2.Your beer belly isn’t caused by beer

At least not alone. Alcohol does not cause weight gain; calories do. If you’re putting on the pounds, your overall diet and activity is probably a big factor.

3.Sucking on pennies won’t help you pass a breathalyzer test

Neither will eating mints, chewing on gum or smoking cigarettes. These are all often cited as methods to fool a breathalyzer, but none of them have been proven.

4.Drinking more alcohol will not cure a hangover

It’ll just get you intoxicated again and lead to another hangover later. You’re prolonging it, not fixing it.

5.Absinthe does not make you hallucinate

There is no hallucinogen in absinthe. The sensations you’re experiencing are just a result of the spirit’s high alcohol content.

6.Blackouts can never be recalled

You may think you’re able to remember instances from your blackout, but according to studies any recollections you have from then are actually false memories. So unless someone’s recorded you on a camera, you won’t know what happened.

 7.There is no such thing as “breaking the seal”

Going once is not a set-up for multiple subsequent trips to the bathroom. Instead it’s the alcohol’s diuretic properties that encourage you to pee a lot.



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