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7 Colours Of The Rainbow And What They Symbolize

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When I was little I would get so excited when the sun would come out while it was still raining, because I knew there was a very good chance that a rainbow would come out and I would get to see all the colors of the rainbow. Because I loved rainbows so much, I learned that they have religious and mythological significance, which fascinates me. Interestingly, even the colors of the rainbow symbolize different things, including emotions.It is fascinating that each color of the rainbow signifies different emotions and behaviors. The brighter colors are associated with energy and the darker colors are representative of peace.

1. Red

Red is one of the most energizing colors of the rainbow. Red can excite people and motivate them to take action. It can also bring people confidence because it is associated with strong will. While red is associated with energy and confidence, red is most often associated with passion and love. This is why you see so much red on Valentine’s Day. Although red is the color of passion and love, this is not why Chinese brides have traditionally worn red. In China red is considered a good luck color and it is thought that it will bring good luck to a marriage. Knowing what a positive color red is, you may be tempted to add more red in your life. However, if you do want to add more red you should be careful because too much red can cause irritation and provoke anger.

2. Orange

Orange is a very warm and happy color. It is symbolic of optimism, friendship, adventure, and good communication, and it can bring out enthusiasm, rejuvenation, courage, and vitality. Interestingly, each shade of orange has a different meaning. Peach, for instance, represents communication and good manners, and golden orange symbolizes vitality and self-control. Burnt orange has more negative associations as it is symbolic for pride, tension, and aggression. Dark orange is known to bring out overconfidence and ambition. For the more positive effects of orange, you should stick with the lighter shades of orange.

3. Yellow

If you need some inspiration, you should surround yourself with yellow. Yellow inspires original thought, inquisitiveness, and creativity, which should help you find inspiration. In addition to inspiring creativity, yellow is an uplifting, hopeful, cheerful, and fun color. I always think of yellow as a very joyful color. As joyful as yellow is, you can have too much of a good thing. Too much yellow can cause people to be critical, judgmental, and too analytical.

4. Green

Green is the color of spring, and as such it is symbolic of renewal and rebirth. Green is also symbolic of growth, harmony, and hope. Green is great for balancing the heart and emotions, and it can help people rejuvenate and nurture themselves. As positive as green is, it also has undesirable qualities. Envy is by far the most negative characteristic. How many times have you heard the phrase, “green with envy”? I have heard it many times.

5. Blue

Blue is one of the most calming and peaceful colors there is, which makes it perfect for a bedroom. Painting your bedroom a calm blue will help you feel serene and relaxed. Aside from being a calming color, blue is also the color of devotion, wisdom, loyalty, and trust. In addition to having a calming effect, blue can bring out reliable, caring, predictable, and conservative qualities. However, too much blue can make a person very rigid. So while painting your walls blue may be calming, try not to have everything blue.

6. Indigo

Across between blue and purple, indigo has qualities of both these colors. Indigo is a color that represents intuition, integrity, idealism, and introspection. Indigo also has a very responsible side, as it can bring out practicality, responsibility, and structure. Because indigo does bring out intuition and responsibility, it is a great color to be around if you are trying to plan for your future. However, like all of the colors, you should not go overboard with indigo. Too much indigo can cause judgment, intolerance, and avoidance of conflict.

7. Violet

Everyone has a favorite color, and mine is violet. I just adore this color. Violet is associated with individuality, creativeness, selflessness, mystery, and fantasy. It also represents inspiration, imagination, and spirituality. Being around violet can bring out empathy and help you control your emotions. However, violet also brings out cynicism, pompous behavior, and immaturity. So, as much as I love violet it is probably best if I don’t surround myself with it, even though it is tempting.

Now that you know what each color symbolizes, you can use the knowledge for your benefit by being around the color whose emotions you want to evoke. What color do you think you would benefit from being around?

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