7 Pros And Cons Of Being Friends With Benefits

7 Pros And Cons Of Being Friends With Benefits

By Lipstiq on March 11, 2014
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Being friends with benefits is a common thing these days. We’re so focused on our careers, we can’t really see ourselves getting attached in a serious relationship, which is why casual relationships are simply the better option. But before you pick out the right candidate and venture into a world of sexual liberation, here are the common pros and cons of being friends with benefits.


1. One of the best things about being friends with benefits is the ability to feel comfortable with each other without feeling pressured. Furthermore, with honesty, there will be clarity in understanding the relationship you both have.

2. Humans are simple creatures with carnal needs. Although a lot of us yearn for that emotional compatibility with another person, sometimes its just easier to keep it simple by removing all form emotional baggage from the relationship. Being friends with benefits give you the option of enjoying all that fun without worrying if you’re into each other or not.

3. Being friends with benefits can fortunately be highly convenient. You can go straight to the point (aka sex) without having to make the effort of flirting or trying to impress him, unless if you want to. Sex can easily be a phone call away, but you really should know what it is you want in life so you don’t get side tracked.

4. A lot of women are constantly having body hang-ups. Whether it’s a bad hair day, physical flaws or whether you’ve gained a few extra pounds, you’ll always want to give your boyfriend the best of you. But with friend with benefits, there’s really no need to impress the guy with a new haircut or a fancy lingerie.



1. The most common fallback of being in a no-strings attached relationship is that someone may get too attached, and may want something more in return. This is where jealousy strikes if one of the duo starts dating other people. It’s definitely hard to separate emotions from sex, which is why you have to really know what you want from the relationship.

2. If you started off as friends in the beginning, getting sex involved in your relationship might sadly blur the lines between being friends or lovers. This is why honesty is truly one of the most important aspects of a no-strings attached relationship.

3. People talk. A lot. Being friends with benefits can sometimes risk the people you are friends with too. If the two of you hang out with the same group of friends, and they find out, it somehow makes the situation a little awkward. As you know, haters are always going to pass around bad comments about the both of you, so keep things in check in keeping your rendezvous discreet.

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