7 Reasons Why You Should Take React JS Training

7 Reasons Why You Should Take React JS Training

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Gone are the days when developers and designers had to take a lot of pain in designing interactive user interface. With React JS, it’s become extremely convenient to create a user interface (UI) for single page applications. React JS is not a complete framework. It is an open-source JavaScript library. Over time, it has proved to be one of the most efficient tools to make applications reliable, smooth, and easy to use.

For developers and designers, it’s become extremely important to take react training to remain updated with the new trends. Since React JS was created on Facebook, it’s potential in the future is huge. Not just Facebook, but companies like The New York Times, WhatsApp, Instagram, Dropbox, Netflix, etc. are also making use of the benefits of React. It is undeniably an innovative technology that all the big guys are using today. Hence, for developers and designer, it’s only fitting to take reactjs course from experts and remain on the top of the development game.

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A developers’ survey in 2018 by Stack Overflow found out that the React JS is the preferred choice of developers. Around 70% of developers said they loved React JS. Around 30% said, they already use it. On practical use, React JS allows developers to design simple views, and when the data changes fast, it efficiently updates and renders only the right components. When some web pages’ data changes, React is capable of updating the new data without reloading entirely.

It is also important to note that for the developers who have already mastered JavaScript and HTML, it is relatively easy to learn React JS. Developers can just treat it as something that is going to give them an edge and make their work easy.

Here, we will elaborate 7 reasons why developers should take React JS training:

1. Built By Facebook Engineers at Facebook

React JS has gained popularity because it was first created by a Facebook Engineer named Jordan Walke. Right after its creation, it was deployed on Facebook in 2011 and on Instagram in 2012. So we know it’s been over 7 years since Facebook has been making the most of React. For developers, it is essential to learn what the bigger companies are now demanding after taking inspiration from FB and Instagram. React also has native libraries which were announced by Facebook in 2015. Reliability also increases when such huge names are attached to a tool.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg with an engineer in the company
Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg with an engineer in the company, Javier Olivan during the company’s 2007 Award event. | Recode

2. Fast Development Speed

Components can be reused which means developers can use components of one application in the other. This saves a lot of time. This requires less coding too so that developers can focus on bringing more clients and doing more projects. The other benefit of React is that it allows coders to use the similar code for the server side of the application and the client. This further enhances the user experience by helping in the indexing of website pages.

React JS can also power mobile applications using React Native. We all know how important it is that applications run smoothly. React’s ability to work simultaneously on web and mobile is truly its most effective feature.

3. Creates Virtual DOM

The Document Object Model (DOM), which is a cross-platform API that deals with HTM and HTML, was criticized by many developers when it had slowed down the performance after updates. But then, React JS introduced virtual DOM. If there are any changes taking place in actual DOM, virtual DOM gets updated too, which leads to smoother performance. Virtual DOM is a node tree that lists the elements, attributes, and content. This is the reason why React’s performance is sharp and fast.

4. Efficient

Apart from being robust, fast, and smooth, React JS is also SEO friendly. Many developers complain about JavaScript frameworks not being SEO friendly. Organizations, however, always want to rank on top of the search engine so it’s quite a challenge for the coders, but with React, this problem is solved to a large extent. It lets developers develop an engaging user interface. It renders on the server using the nodes and search engine crawlers get to see the web application in its final form. It results in better indexing of pages. React JS is efficient in so many ways, evidently.

5. Easy to Learn

Getting hands-on training in React is extremely easy if you are well versed with JavaScript and HTML. Today, there are many courses available online too. Many people today envisage a successful career in front end development.  An expert can be your best guide and teach you about all the recent updates, basic details, and advanced features. A hands-on guide is essential to gain mastery.

6. Larger Community

Considering how many organizations are now using React JS, the community of developers is huge. With such a huge community of developers striving to make breakthroughs in the domain, issues are solved rather quickly. Facebook’s few developers are also part of that community and what can be better than that? This is also the reason why React is constantly evolving too. When a large community starts to work on something so useful and powerful, an equal number of developers start working on its betterment. Developers from this community keep adding new features.

7. Future Scope

Enterprises and businesses are actively looking for developers who can make their websites’ user experience flawless. With the knowledge of React JS, you, as a developer will only increase your scope. React JS is a tool whose comprehensive knowledge can grant you an edge over your peers and subsequently enhance your career growth.


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