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Knowing These 7 Secrets Will Make Your Shoes Look Amazing 

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he surest parameter of style and fashion for both men and women are their shoes. Any amount of money spent on dressing the body can be lessened if the feet are neglected. You may be wearing a top designer dress but if the shoes are dirty or torn it ruins everything your personality, your outlook. It is very important for you to take care and give special thoughts to your shoes while you are dressing up. Shoes for sure add to your total outlook and leave an impact on another person also. A few ways that would help you make your shoes amazing and outstanding are:


  1. Maintain the shape

Shoes come in variant sizes and shapes. If the shape of the shoe is not maintained properly it loses its charm to maintain the shape. Use of shoe trees can be very helpful. This is a tool that helps in maintaining the original shape of the shoe. The life of the shoe extends to 3 times if we properly use the shoes.

  1. Clean the shoe properly

Different shoes have different cleaning methods. Leather shoes need polishing, suede shoes need liquid sprays to be cleaned. Shoes with heels have to be taken proper care of. We tend to forget to clean the heels this makes our shoes look shabby.

  1. Avoid stinking

Shoes start stinking because of the sweat and heat our body emits. If the odor is not taken care of timely the smell persists in the shoe.

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  1. Stringing

Shoes with laces can be presented in many different ways. The shoe laces can be tied very stylishly. There are many ways of putting a best running shoes for planter fasciitis. You may get many online videos to teach you different ways of stringing. Every time you string your shoe differently make your shoe look different and stylish.

shopping fitness exercise workout gym running shoes

  1. Pair your shoe properly

Your outfit should always be matched by your shoe or vice versa. If both the things do not go together your total outlook would not be very presentable. For example, you need to wear formal shoes matching your suit but while wearing a fusion outfit it may require you to wear loafers. Different shoes and designs match up with different clothes. Keeping this in mind would make your shoe look more stylish.

tennis shoes
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  1. Proper storage of shoes

If the shoes properly stored instead of being piled up and thrown into each other would help to maintain the shoes better. If the shoes are stored in a well-organised way it is easy for you to figure out which shoe needs attention and also choose the right shoe for the right outfit. You can search the web for different custom and DIY shoe rack ideas for small spaces and wider ones that fit your taste and budget.

shoe rack

  1. DIYs for your shoe

To make your shoe look stylish outstanding and expensive. These easy DIY tips would really change the Whole look of your shoes.

  • Sneakers can be dipped in fabric dye or kool-aid for a sweet ombre look.
  • Super cute designs can be made with iron on printer paper.
  • Stones and Studs can be glued to the show to give the shoe a stylish glittery look
  • Geometrical patterns like triangles and diamonds can be made by permanent markers on your Canvas sneakers to give them a different look.
  • Polka dots are never out of fashion these can be made by fabric paint pen to give an add-on to your shoe.
  • Use of laces, fringes, and motifs gives your shoes a great stylish look.

Shoes are a very important part of our lives. Shoes make us look trendy and stylish. A little care, maintenance, and creativity would make our shoes look stylish. Every tip discussed in the above guide goes hand in hand. Neglecting one of them would mean taking away the x-factor of your shoe. Best insoles represent a person’s personality inside out. It’s therefore necessary to take proper care of the shoes not only to maintain them but also so that the shoes have a longer shelf life and will darn your shoe racks for ages to come.

So what are you waiting for make a note of these 7 amazing secrets that will make your shoes look amazing always?

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