What You Need To Know When Shopping For Tennis Shoes

What You Need To Know When Shopping For Tennis Shoes

By Lifestyles | The Trent on December 24, 2019
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Tennis is known for being a highly active game and the feet bear most of the impact. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, selecting the right type of tennis shoes is an important part of the process. There are different playing styles, court surfaces and tennis shoes.

Finding Tennis Shoes
    • With a wide variety of well-known brands to choose from, there is a tennis shoe to suit every player’s needs. Some research will help you find the right shoes that provide the comfort and support you need to play on any court.
    • While you may consider wearing one of the pair of running shoes that you already own as you head to the court, these shoes are not ideal for tennis. They are designed to facilitate the forward motion of the runner and are usually lighter.
    • Tennis shoes provide optimal support to accommodate the rigorous movements of the game. You need to make sure that your shoes feature a lightweight and stable design to keep you moving quickly and without restrictions.
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Court Surface

The tennis court is an important aspect when you want to choose a pair of shoes. Shoes are designed for different court surfaces that range from grass to clay.

  • A hard court can rapidly wear out your shoes and the tennis shoes made for this type of court usually do not scrape the surface. The construction enables them to absorb shock and provide cushioning for comfort on the hard surface. Depending on how often you play, durability is guaranteed for a considerable number of months.
  • A clay court has a softer surface than a hard court. This requires different shoes that will are not obstructive and adequate grip that does not compromise your ability to slide along with a light weight that enables you to maneuver with speed.
  • Tennis shoes for grass courts are designed to prevent damage and are composed of soles that improve grip since grass can be slippery.
  • There are tennis shoes for men that are made for all courts and can handle the aspects of each type of court. If you are not shopping for specific shoes, a multipurpose option is recommended.
A tennis court at Atlantis The Palm Dubai shopping
A tennis court at Atlantis The Palm Dubai
Playing Style

You should also choose a shoe according to your playing style. Baseline players usually play along the court’s back line and their shoes should offer lateral support. Lateral motion requires a durable sole. Serve and volley players charge the net frequently and they require shoes with reinforced toes or durable toecaps and flexibility. Consider buying a tennis ball machine which can be a helpful tool in organising your game.

Foot Type

Determine the type of foot you have before you choose tennis shoes. The basic types include pronated or overpronation that is characterized by whole foot imprints and shoes and rolling feet inwards during strides. If you have this type of foot, you need stable and supportive shoes.

For supinated feet or under pronation, large and open areas are left by the imprint and the foot is usually rolled outwards during each stride. Neutral or ideal feet leave balanced foot marks or visible moderate spaces within the area of the arch. This foot type can wear virtually any tennis shoe.

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