7 Secrets To Be The World’s Greatest Son

7 Secrets To Be The World’s Greatest Son

By The Times of India on February 21, 2014

If you love your parents with all your heartand you want to be the best son you can be, then follow these basic rules in your day-to-day life:

1. Don’t talk back to your mom and dad even if you are angry because you may hurt them by saying something wrong.

2. Be honest with your parents. Even if you do anything wrong, instead of trying to hide it or lie about it, admit your mistake. Your parents might get angry at that moment, but they’ll surely realise your honesty.

3. Be independent and take good care of yourself. If you listen to your parents and take care of your health, it will surely make them happy. Remember, all they want is your well-being.

4. Love, help and be kind to your brothers or sisters rather than being nasty to them. If they are younger than you then they are bound to look up to you for many things and you might have to sacrifice. But in the end of the day they will be the one to love you more than anyone else.

5. Don’t be shy to show your love to your parents. Do it by saying some sweet words, sending gifts, kissing or other ways. Don’t give attitude when they talk to you.

6. If your dad or mom is a hot-tempered person, you must be careful. Put efforts for maintainingharmony at home.

7. Share your feelings with them. Remember how you used to share every little details of your day with your parents after coming back from your school. As we make many friends once we grow up, we don’t feel the need to share anything with our parents. Don’t make them feel neglected and open up your heart in front of them.

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