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Ladies, 7 Things To Expect When Dating A Thug

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Some ladies like men who are dangerous and maybe even fun.  Thugs fit the bill and there are a whole bunch of songs you’ve been hearing since you were a little girl that glorified the thug lifestyle.  So, older women would like to give you some advice about what to expect if you enter into a relationship with a thug:

1) You might get beat down a few times.  Recently, a St. Louis woman worked repeatedly to get her boyfriend out of jail when he was arrested for beating her.  Right before he killed her, she posted a message on Facebook telling her friends to let her kids know that she loves them, and within an hour, she was dead.  Some might wonder if her kids would still have their mother if she hadn’t kept getting this guy out of jail.  But she loved her thug and kept bringing him around her children.

2) Save your bail money, you might need it.  You watch Love & Hip-Hop lately?  One of the women on the show, Yandy Smith, spent $200,000 bailing her fiance out of jail.  Unfortunately, some thugs think that jail is something to be proud of.  You may also get the chance to be one of those women who gets to wait three or four years for your man to come home from prison. Thugs go to prison a lot.

3) Weed and liquor might be a regular part of your life.  If you listen to hip hop music, you know that most thugs smoke weed and love to drink.  Drinking and smoking also lead to much of the abuse that occurs in thuggish relationships.

4) You like a man to have education? He probably won’t have much. Most thugs won’t have one or want to get one.  At best, you can find a wannabe thug, who pretends to make bad decisions, but makes good ones when nobody is looking.  An ignorant man means you’ll have ignorant kids, since he may not even be around to raise them.

5) Prepare to be consistently disrespected.  Hip-hop music promotes a culture of disrespect for women.  If you can’t see this, then you’re probably immune to it.  Did you ever wonder why black women are the only ones who listen to music that calls them b*tches and hoes?

6) He might not ever grow up.  Sagging, tattoos, too much jewelry and all that other stuff are part of a thug’s uniform.  Some guys end up 35 years old looking like teenagers.  It gets old eventually.

7) You want a faithful man?  Forget about it.  Some thugs like bragging about how many b*tches they have.  You might just be one of many.  Stuff like being faithful and getting married aren’t part of the thug agenda.  Family ain’t always cool.

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