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7 Things To Keep In Mind While Being Photographed

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Photographers know a lot of secrets of how to make anyone look great in almost any photo. We are ready to share a few of them with you.

Knowing some certain tricks, from now on you will like to be taken pictures of, because these simple tips will help you look stunning in every photo! Even if you are not yet a celebrity, you still should know how to behave in front of the photo camera. Here are the 7 most essential things to do while posing:

1. Stand with your arms at your sides

Some people do not feel relaxed in front of the cam. A professional photographer knows a few things that can help the person feel at ease. They talk to them, ask random questions trying to get to know the person better and, while answering those questions, the person starts to forget that he is being photographed. But what if you are dealing with an amateur who is there merely to take a picture of you? All you can do is to try to get rid of the tension or at least pretend that you feel good. One of the tricks that can make any person look relaxed in the picture is to stand in front of the camera with your arms at your sides. Do not stand with your arms behind your back or crossed. Let them hand loosely at your sides. The result will be a photo in which you look natural, comfortable, friendly, and at ease. If you have a belt on or wearing clothes with pockets, you can try and experiment various poses with these accessories.

2. Turn your face to the right

Scientists say that the left side of our face tells it all about how and what we feel. When you are photographed, turn your face to the right to slightly hide your left side. This trick is especially useful if you know that you have felt stressed, upset or depressed lately and do not want others to know this about you. Besides this, turning your face to the side will make you look romantic, set off your cheekbone and the curve of your eyebrow. This position hides other imperfections besides negative emotions on your face. Turn your face to the right if you know that you have a broad forehead or a wide nose. People with their face turned to the right look less aggressive in the pictures even when there is no smile on their face. Before the photo session practice a bit in front of your mirror and find the pose you look best in. And think if you can improve your hair-do as well.

3. Look above the lens of the photo camera

This is the first thing every photographer would ask you to do! Do not look straight into the camera. Looking above it gives better and more natural pictures. Whether you are being photographed by a professional or just your friends, follow this simple rule. Make sure that the camera is not aimed at you from below. If you position the cam too low, then you might see a double chin in the picture. Hold the cam higher or straight, look above it, then move your face a bit up and forward. Do not worry, it only sounds funny yet the hint is very effective. While being photographed look straight at the person who is behind the camera. This should be done to avoid looking too official and strict in the photo

4. Turn your body sideways

The right posing is equal to great photos. If you know that not only your face but your whole body will be visible in the photo, we suggest you should follow another rule. Remember that turning your body sideways will make you look slimmer, which is almost always desirable. And there are no ladies who dream of looking wider in their photos, right? Turn sideways and pop your knee. This trick will add more curve to your hip and make your waist look thinner. Not less important is to always remember our rule number 1 mentioned above and keep in mind that turning face and your upper part of the body may influence the final result. You are lucky if the person who is working with you is a real professional. If you not, then do not be surprised that in the picture you look shorter or fatter than you really are.

5. Natural make-up

The more natural makeup techniques you apply the better. This rule works both for your everyday life and your photo sessions. Avoid bright eye shadow, extremely bright lipsticks or blush. Too much foundation can make your face look greasy and shiny in the picture and later on it will take you ages to photoshop your image. The story is different if you are participating in a thematic photo session. Then do not restrict yourself to neutral shades. Be creative and express yourself through extravagant clothing, mak-up, and hair-do. Do not know what’s right for you? Consult a professional make-up artist, designer or stylist. Trust experts and their advice. And do not forget that whether you are being taken picture of at a fancy-dress ball or in your casual surroundings, your mission is to hide imperfections and highlight your best features.

6. Wear lipstick

Apply lipstick or gloss even if you do not wear any makeup in your everyday life. Pictures can sometimes wash out when they are developed and then your image will look lipless and bleak. Since the real colors will look a few shades lighter, you can apply bright red or shiny pink lipstick. The shade should match your natural skin tone, your blush, even the color of your hair and your eyes. What you should avoid using is deep berries shades, as well as rosy and bronze tints even if what you see in the mirror looks captivating. The problem with these colors is that in photographs they make women look older, add a few extra years, and draw unwanted attention to imperfections, such as lines and wrinkles.

7. Relax and smile

Do not forget to smile when you are being photographed! Your facial expression tells it all about your inner thoughts and emotional state. When you are being photographed, your facial expression should be as natural as possible. It’s too hard to hide negative feelings. So, if there is something that worries you and won’t let you relax, then you should put off our photo session. If postponing is impossible, then try and think only of positive things on that day, remember something wonderful, talk to the photographer and ask him for advice. If he is a real expert, he will know how to make you feel at ease. Do not get surprised if he starts asking you about your pets, hobbies, or even your favorite book. Cooperate with him even if this is someone you have met for the first time in your life. The aim of such conversations is to make you remember something pleasant so that you could feel comfortable in front of the camera.

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