7 Things You Should Buy For Your Grandmother

7 Things You Should Buy For Your Grandmother

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Your grandmother is one of the most important people in your life. She is extremely caring and will always have your back, even if it seems like your parents don’t have time.

For that reason, whether it’s for Christmas, her birthday or just to show how much you love here, the right gift can make her feel as special as she makes you.

Here are 7 things you should buy for your grandmother.

Custom Star Map

custom star map

Your grandmother will have seen a thing or two over the course of her life. But she may not have seen what the universe looked like on the day she was born.

The cosmos is a place that combines mystery with awe and wonder. Since the dawn of time, the night sky has been painted with stars and it’s a beautiful sight.

A custom star map is a great personal gift for your grandmother. Enter the date of her birthday on Twinkle In Time and where she was born and it will display what the universe looked like at that exact place and time.

If you’re struggling to think of something other than the standard chocolate and flowers for Mother’s day or you just want to say how much you love your grandmother, this gift is a great place to start.

DIY Photo Frame

DIY picture frame grandmother

Does your grandmother love to look back at old photos? Do you have any new ones that you wish to give her? If so, this next gift is perfect for you.

DIY photo frames are perfect to buy or your grandmother as they will show them what’s important to them the most – memories and family.

The Merrythought has done this idea well and their items are completely unique. Instead of standard pictures just sitting in a boxed frame, these DIY frames join multiple pictures together.

No doubt she will have some of her favorites so why not keep them all together so she can smile at the good times?

Sharing memories is fantastic for adding happiness and life into the home. Share this gift with your grandmother and she’ll be thanking you every time she looks at the pictures.

Photo Candles

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Staying on the theme of photos, this gift can help to create a cosy atmosphere in your grandmother’s living room for when she’s sat watching her favorite show.

Scented candles are great for filling the room with sweet and sensual aromas, meaning they always make a great gift.

However, these photo candles take it to the next level. If you know your grandmother loves scented candles, this gift can make for a great alternative to the ones she usually buys.

If you want to earn some extra brownie points, ask around to find out if she associates particular scents to certain memories. Once you know, you can go about can create the perfect gift that money can’t buy.

Reusable Water Bottle


For those of you that have grandmothers that love to be active, keeping them hydrated is very important. For this reason, getting them a reusable water bottle will keep their fluids up and let them go on for longer.

For example, the Kool8 water bottle has a modern design and is made from high-quality materials so it can be taken anywhere. Plus, if you know that your grandmother loves charity work, you can gladly tell her that 20% of the money you used to buy the bottle went to help give clean water to those that don’t have access to it.

It also works for those that want to teach their grandkids about the importance of looking after the environment. Grandmothers that can inspire the next generation are real-life superheroes.

There are loads of reusable water bottles to buy so if your grandmother has a certain taste, you can show how much you know about her.

A blood pressure smartwatch

blood pressure smartwatch

Omron, the global Japanese blood pressure manufacturer made news earlier this year for announcing the launch of the first smartwatch that allows users to take their blood pressure on the go.

The smart watch has an inflator cuff which goes around your wrist. The mobile app keeps track of all blood pressure readings and can be shared with a doctor. The watch also made the list of best pedometers of 2019 here and here.

The wide majority of the elderly suffer from high blood pressure. What better gift to give your grandma than a simple and convenient blood pressure monitor and pedometer which can alert her and your family if there’s time to visit the doctor?

Custom T-Shirt

grandmother gifts

While this may seem a bit out-of-the-box, grandmothers can appreciate gifts they would usually expect.

When it comes to custom t-shirts, there are so many ideas to choose from that the world really is your oyster.

Does your grandmother have a favorite quote? How about a piece of art? Or even an image that she thinks would look great on a shirt? If so, suprise her with a gift that no one else in the world can have.

Places like www.screenprintthis.com can get you the best custom t-shirt for less than 20 bucks. A shirt that shows they are the ‘Best Grandma Ever’ is something they can cherish forever.

DIY Early Grey Soap

tea soaps

What grandmother doesn’t like a nice cup of tea. They are perfect for taking away the chill of the winter months and make the best companion for a biscuit or two. Plus, not only does tea taste lovely, but it also smells great.

Take advantage of this and get your grandmother some DIY earl grey soap. This gift idea is completely original and once she starts using it, she’ll want to know where you got it from so she can get it herself!

That’s where you come in. Instead of a physical gift, you and your grandmother can create it yourself. This tutorial by Shrimp Salad Circus shows everything you and grandma need to have a great time.

Alternatively, if your grandmother is more of a coffee drinker, there are also tutorials to create coffee-scented soap so she doesn’t go without.


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