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7 Ways To Attract The Lover Of Your Dreams

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is just something about having a companion, a romantic partner to share your life with that puts you in a happy place. It begins with meeting that person and starting the journey of love. Anyone who is single person can start from where they are in their life at this present moment and follow these steps to find the person who is right for them and have the type of relationship they desire.

Here are the 7 Steps:

1. Involve the Divine Power

We all have different beliefs and faiths. Ultimately the Divine Power is the mover of events and creator of destinies. You are a co-creator of your life and experiences by what transpires in your mind and what you focus and dwell upon, and the actions you take. You should involve the Divine Power by stating your intentions and asking for help and guidance.

2. Become a Magnet for Love

Maybe you have heard of the Law of Attraction. It is a universal law that states that you attract the circumstances, situations, and happenings in your life by your internal state and what you dwell upon. Be happy now and be in love now. This emits positive energy along the lines of attracting a partner.

The fastest way to attract love is to “be in love”. Feel like you are in love. Imagine doing the things you would do with your romantic partner, create the relationship in your mind and play it out live a movie with sights, sounds, movements, and colour. Let it feel real to you and as you do this you emit the energy of love and this attracts a romantic partner to you quickly and effortlessly.

3. Pursue Your Interests

The person who is right for you is someone that complements you in some way and you will be able to be yourself with. Therefore pursue your true interests and live in a happy state, and as you do this you will encounter the person. The person may not have similar interests, but the act of being out there pursuing your interests puts you in the path to finding the right person.

4. Enlist an Army of Helpers

Its perfectly normal to inform your close family and friends about your quest and enlist them as helpers. They will also help you through introductions and recommendations.

5. Be Calm and Relaxed

Be rid of all forms of anxiety. Anxiety and worry do not help. When you start feeling worry, just play your movie (from step 2 “Become a Magnet for Love”). It is going to happen and you do not want to project the wrong type of energy associated with desperation.

6. Live With Authenticity: Embrace the real YOU

The real you is better, more in touch, and is best placed to attract the right person whom you could build a lasting relationship with. Align with your authentic self.

7. Become a Better Person

You know “The Wish List” – the list of qualities you want in your romantic partner?

He or she most likely has a list as well. It therefore stands to reason that you will meet and attract someone with the qualities on your wish list as you work on your own qualities that would reasonably show up on someone else’s wish list.

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