7 Tips For Men Dealing With Sleep Problems

7 Tips For Men Dealing With Sleep Problems

Counting sheep is no longer working for you as you lay restless in bed trying desperately to sleep. Men and women will endure different issues that make it hard for them to catch some shuteye. Finding the answers to the problem will often require taking a step back and assessing all the present difficulties to figure out the best remedy. For men having sleep issues, below are seven tips that can be of help.

  1. Ditch Oversleeping

Stay up late, and you will feel the need to overcompensate during the day, and this affects your sleep-wake cycle. Those naps you catch during the day will only screw with your regular sleep cycle come night time. So, stay up until its bedtime when you are feeling sleepy; do not go to bed too early or too late.

  1. Sex

After a romp in the sack, men will quickly head to slumberland while women will want a bit of cuddling or chat. Sex is an energy demanding and equally relaxing activity. The body releases endorphins during the act and the trigger a sense of calmness and peace which aid in natural sleep.

  1. Mind Games

Ever heard of “learned insomnia?” It is a real thing, brought about by worrying too much about sleep to a point where it affects your physical process of sleeping. Avoid overthinking about it or forcing yourself to bed; instead, take deep relaxing breaths and clear your mind when in bed and you will not even notice when you fall asleep.

  1. Indulge In Some Carbs & Protein

If you had dinner and your stomach is rumbling before bedtime, consider taking carbs and protein foods about an hour before bed. Research shows that these trigger the brain to produce serotonin, a chemical that has calming effects on the body and mind.

  1. Prep For Sleep

Our busy work life routines tend to be demanding to the point where we stress over what needs to be done the next day even when it has not arrived. As much as you plan and prepare for your day, remember to do the same for your bedtime. Establishing a bedtime routine is vital to working in your best capacities during the day. Allocate enough time and a simple bedtime prep schedule where you pick out next day’s outfit, pack your bags, brush your teeth and catch a relaxing bath before bed. In bed, read a relaxing book or have a session therapeutic session of deep breathing.

  1. Avoid These

Some men will testify to sleeping better thanks to alcohol, TV or playing music, but these will have an adverse impact sooner than later. The bedroom is your go-to-place for sex and sleep, period! Any of the other sideshows do little to help you sleep. You risk developing a dependency on these things, which is not healthy for natural sleep.

  1. Bedroom Comforts

If you are thinking of doing some meaningful upgrades in your home, then give ample considerations to the place where you rest and have sex. It should be as comfortable as possible. Invest in quality pillows and a costco mattress and consider changing these after ever nine or so years of use. The mattress should have a firm but soft build that supports your weight and contours. Also, invest in a calming décor theme; from the color of the walls to the window drapes, the flooring, and lighting.


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