7 Ways To Avoid Getting A Speeding Ticket

7 Ways To Avoid Getting A Speeding Ticket

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on December 23, 2017
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Millions of drivers get tickets every year. As a matter of fact, the issuance of speeding tickets is a huge revenue machinery for the state and local governments. The worst part is that more than 25% of drivers are wrongfully handed a speeding ticket, and their odds of winning a court case to protest the citation are practically next to nil. But you are not completely helpless, there are measures you can take to avoid speeding tickets; even the undeserved citations.

1. Don’t Stand Out

To you, a car adorned with many accessories such as neon lights, chrome wheels, tinted windows and other unique features might be a perfect and proud expression of your style and personality. But such a vehicle screams for attention, and when that attention is from traffic police, you can bet that your odds of getting into trouble with them will be a lot higher. Even when you are not speeding, standing out can earn you a ticket when you overtake, swerve, and do other minor violations regular drivers often get away with.

2. Get a Radar Detector

If you cannot seem to shake off the urge to step on the gas pedal and exceed regular speed limits, then you better prepare yourself adequately with a radar detector. This device can help you know when you are about to approach a speed trap so that you can slow down and drive by without getting ticketed. But if you intend to take this route, ensure that you get the best radar detector for you and that is the most efficient version you can afford. The police know that there are people using radar detectors to avoid speeding tickets which is why mediocre radar detectors might not detect what lies ahead.

3. Let the Police Know that You Notice Them

If you are caught up in a police patrol and you know that you were speeding, there is something you can do to ensure you don’t get ticketed. You can wave at the police, and the friendly gesture will make them feel like they know you. It might also signal that you realize your mistake and are slowing down. The attitude is also likely to put them in a mood to let you off with a warning, sometimes without even pulling you over.

4. Stay away from the Fast Lane

Finding speeding drivers is like shooting fish in a barrel when the focus is on the fast lane. Drivers in this lane appear to drive faster relative to drivers in other lanes, and getting a ticket is pretty easy. In many states, you are not supposed to stay on the fast lane – you should overtake and exit that lane. So, cruising on that lane will most likely earn you a ticket even without committing any such violation because you are already in violation of a traffic rule. The police officer will also know that you will have a hard time explaining to a judge how you were not speeding when you were clearly cruising freely on the fast lane.

5. Know Where to Slow Down

A radar detector will do a pretty good job of helping you avoid many speed traps. But a little prudence can also go a long way in helping you avoid getting cited for speeding violations. For instance, you should slow in areas where it is apparent that a speed trap might be waiting. For instance, around blind curves, exit ramps, and places close to road signs suggesting that you slow down.

6. Don’t Admit to Speeding

Admitting that you were speeding will increase your chances of getting a ticket. In some cases, it is not very clear whether you were over the limit or not. When your speeding situation is contestable, you are likely to get off with a warning – as long as you don’t admit to any wrongdoing. Otherwise, once you make an admission of guilt, the officer has all the information he needs to ticket you because your chances of winning a case against the citation are pretty much ruined. Remember to be polite and respectful even as you deny speeding; and don’t drag out the situation with heated arguments.

7. Drive Within the Limit

One of the most effective ways to avoid a speeding ticket is to remain within the prescribed speed limit. If you can manage to do this, then you can avoid most of the speeding tickets that people end up getting. But just in case, you can have a radar detector with you so that you can be especially below the speed limit when close to speed traps just to avoid the tickets that are issued to drivers wrongfully.


Avoiding a speeding ticket is not an exact science. Otherwise, why else would such a considerable percentage of drivers who stay within the prescribed limits end up getting cited? That is why in addition to ensuring that you maintain the proper speed limits, you should use a radar detector, and learn a few tricks about the officers that issue these citations with impunity. For instance, you should not admit to a speeding violation. You should also not be rude or fail to recognize their mandate the traffic police have. Neither should your car scream for attention when on the road by having conspicuous features.


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