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8 Classy Tips On How To Handle Awkward Situations Like A Lady

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When faced with a tricky situation, it can be easy to let your ladylike demeanour slip; after all, you’re only human! Maintaining a ladylike poise, though, can be done in even the most awkward of situations, with practice. Find out how not to lose your cool or how not to forget your ladylike manners with these ten great tips on how to handle awkward situations at social occasions, just like a lady.

1. Bite your tongue

Never let foul language escape your lips, however angry you are, because that will blow your ladylike image straight away!  Practice your withering look instead, because a true lady can show her anger in a controlled way and doesn’t need to resort to cussing to get her point across.

2. Don’t show your boredom

Even if you are bored to tears with the conversation at a dinner party, you still can’t take out your phone and start playing Candy Crush Saga! Try and stay present in the moment and follow the conversation, or at least graciously fake it, if you can.

3. Laugh off embarrassing situations

Don’t take your ladylike persona too seriously, ladies are allowed to make mistakes too! If you do say something embarrassing or awkward, in a group situation, diffuse the situation by admitting your mistake and making a joke out of it. That will be far better, than an awkward silence and a scarlet face.

4. Think, before you speak

Sometimes it’s best not to say what’s really on your mind in social situations. You can avoid awkward situations by thinking hard before you speak and not letting things slip out that you didn’t mean. Watch how much you have to drink at parties too, alcohol has a nasty habit of making people say things that they later regret.

5. Learn to apologise

If you do say something outrageous or drop a social clanger, then just say ‘sorry’.  If you have offended someone, then an apology is sometimes the only solution, and excuses simply won’t do.

6. Don’t exaggerate awkward moments in your own mind

There are times when you think a situation is awkward, but it is not. It could be that you have misunderstood what someone has said or you are just assuming that everyone just noticed that you spilled your wine. Lighten up and don’t worry about it, because it’s probably not as bad you think.

7. Keep a drink to hand

When you need a pause for thought, the sipping on your drink is a great way to fill an awkward silence. It’s also a great excuse to get away from someone, when you go to get a refill!

8. Make your excuses and leave

If you find yourself in a situation that is really too awkward to bear, then make your excuses and get out of there! For a temporary reprieve, there is always a trip to the bathroom to give you a break or, for a more permanent escape, feign a headache. Don’t, though, climb out a back window without saying a word, that wouldn’t be ladylike at all!

How to handle awkward situations like a lady? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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