9 Key Areas An SEO Professional Needs To Develop Expertise

9 Key Areas An SEO Professional Needs To Develop Expertise

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on November 8, 2018
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What areas do I give priority and focus to as SEO professional?

This is quite a common question among online marketers, influencers and content creators. While most of them understand the basics and make efforts to implement some best practices, others do it wrong and end up registering poor results even after investing heavily in SEO.

It doesn’t to be a hectic and traumatizing journey. By focusing on the areas discussed here, you can make a great difference in your SEO implementation.

1. Understand your customers: Customer first then Search Engine Next.

SEO is about content. Content is meant for an audience. The audience becomes clients.

Before you set to create your content, it is important that you understand the nature of your information consumers. Regardless of how well you package or even market your content, it will not be useful if it doesn’t land on the right customers.

Knowing your customer helps you to tailor your content in a way they can relate to it. When this is done, narrowing down your SEO efforts to a particular area becomes a walk in the park.

Some SEO professionals are unnecessarily worried about the technical aspects of search engines and eventually lose focus on the main thing. When content is right, SEO is easy and search engines will notice.

2. Shareable, Viral content

In the recent past, organizations have mastered the art of leading campaigns that enable their products and services to go viral. This SEO tactic has been so widely popularized that sometimes it has in some cases seemingly involved deliberate creation of negative publicity. In other words, organizations are willing to do just about anything to have their content shared widely, leading to more searches and eventually better ranking on search engines. It is one way of having free SEO prices.

This approach is supported by Rand Fishkin, founder of the Seattle-based software company, MozFishkin says that you do yourself a lot of good by creating a hook that will enhance viral feedback that can easily be accessible to search engines. One way of doing this is backlinking your content, embedding with infographics, badges as well as incentives such as e-books.

3. What is your competitor doing?

One of the reasons why your run an SEO campaign is to scale above the competition. But how do you grow above competition if you don’t understand it?

A critical look at what your competitors are doing is essential in shaping your SEO strategy. You can focus on three key areas; backlinks, on-page SEO as well as branding and messaging

4. Take advantage of Social Media to Optimize

Social media posses the great potential to boost your online presence. However, you must know how each tool will influence your SEO work. On Facebook, for instance, emotional posts tend to win followers faster. Emotional here means it has to appeal to a certain element that human beings can associate with. For instance, a description of a sports car can be made so personal that the reader of the posts can’t help but fantasize how it would feel to own one. They will go ahead and search for more information on the same and probably land on your page.

5. Understand the Levels of SEO

It is necessary for you to understand the technical nature of the SEO such as the structure of a given site, this determines how easy or difficult it is for the search engine to crawl and identify your content. The use of elements on the optimization page such as keywords in some ways aid in traffic increase towards your site. Additionally, use of out of page optimization skills such as the building of links would greatly help.

6. Understand the Market Savvy

Endeavor to go beyond the traditional marketing strategies, get past the technical issues of a given website. You can do this by putting across a content that identifies merits to the readers while driving for more sale. Do it in a way that appeals to the readers and providing informative content to the search engine users of what your company offers.

7. Acquire Well-rounded Information and Knowledge

An in-depth know-how and understanding of the marketing such as the behavior of online clients, the psychology of human beings, effective business models, carrying out a viral marketing as well as useful web design and development to reach as many clients as possible. You can’t disengage SEO strategy in the online marketing; actually, it would do more harm.

8. Endeavor to Perfect Your Communication Skills

Put more emphasis on the need to have content that can be clearly understood by those visiting your website. As SEO professional, you should be able to communicate the need for specific changes on that everyone understands. There is a need to talk to the information technology team effectively putting across points that need to be affected since the SEO can’t do everything on its own.

9. Focus on The Clients’ Curiosity

Knowledge is essential while interest is a necessary tool as well. Coming up with an SEO tool capable of reciting the IP address virtually to all Google users is super but even great for those curious and continually finding out how the search engine works.


It is only through the use of SEO that the successes of the websites so deeply buried content can be meet for search engines too. A simple remedy to your SEO could see things change drastically and having a high traffic flow of potential clients to your website. Of course, the more potential client’s flow will see your business reap over time. Ensure your company’s website looks excellent and hire an SEO expert to review your site. It might be the only thing you need to see your business turn around!


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