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9 Craziest Things Ever Found In Toilets

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Anyone who saw “Snakes on a Plane” probably is forever afraid of finding a snake in the toilet, and for good reason — it’s a surprisingly common occurrence! All kinds and sizes of snakes have been found in or around toilets, like an Australian man who found a 10-foot python in his bathroom, or a Texas native who spotted a toilet snake at his local Starbucks.

2. A Person

A Person

This man was found in a portable toilet in Cape Town, South Africa. He was completely stuck in the hole and was rescued after people passing by heard his yells for help. It took about 40 minutes for rescue workers to get him out, and it’s said that he was likely under the influence of drugs at the time.

3. Dead Shark

Dead Shark

Two women were at a park in Beaufort, South Carolina when they walked into the public bathroom. They discovered something shocking when they opened the stall, a dead shark! Experts agreed that the shark was too big to swim through the pipes, which means someone put it there.

4. Counterfeit Poker Chips

 Counterfeit Poker Chips

The Borgata is one of Atlantic City’s most famous casinos. It was forced to halt a major poker tournament after discovering $2.4 million in counterfeit poker chips. These chips were found in a toilet and sewer pipes of the nearby Harrah’s Resort, where a man who was participating in the tournament had tried to dispose of them.

5. Pig’s Head

 Pig's Head

The original poster of this picture claimed it was found in a Polish bathroom, but the truth is that it’s a regular hazing tradition of a rowing club from Amsterdam. Whatever the story really is, the point is that there’s a pig’s head in the toilet.

6. A Squirrel

 A Squirrel

Squirrels are cute and fluffy when they’re running around gathering nuts in your yard, but they’re not so cute like this. A woman living in Winnipeg, Canada heard loud noises coming from her toilet before discovering the live squirrel. She actually removed it using barbecue tongs and released it outside.

7. Big Pile of Cash

 Big Pile of Cash

Airplane bathrooms are cramped and kinda gross… and apparently full of cash! French authorities discovered a stash of 87,000 Euros in a toilet on an Air Algeria flight. The money was all in large denominations, so whoever lost it meant serious business!

8. A Puppy

 A Puppy

A 7-year-old boy decided to wash his new puppy in the toilet when he accidentally flushed him down the drain! The dog was only about 6 weeks old and became stuck in the pipes. The dog was rescued and returned to the boy, who was instructed to use the sink in the future.

9. Possums


For whatever reason, possums seem to like crawling through pipes. Of course, that means that these animals tend to end up in toilets. There have been a number of reports of this happening in Australia and the United States.

 (via Gadget Pics)


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