9 Things Your Man’s Cooking Reveals About Him

9 Things Your Man’s Cooking Reveals About Him

By The Times of India on July 26, 2014
How your man whips up a meal says a lot about his personality

1. The mix and matcher 
These men are concerned with nutrition, but also enjoy the convenience of packaged foods. They look for opportunities to achieve both goals, often adding their own special touch (like seasoning or additional ingredient) to the packaged item. They happily follow directions, feeling relief at not having to figure the whole meal out by themselves. The idea for the meal possibly came from a magazine or advertisement because this type of person likes to have a framework in place. So, playing hard to get with a person like him is likely to backfire.

2. The barbeque expert 
Men who like to barbecue their meals tend to be masculine and usually ascribe to the ‘bigger the better’ school of cooking and philosophies in life. It’s all about taste with hearty marinades and rich sauces. This chef knows what he’s doing. From preparing the grill to determining cooking times, it’s all instinct and meant to impress. Though the Grill Master likes to be in control, underneath the tough exterior can be a tender ego that responds well to praise.

3. The unusual foodie
This type is all about trying new things, whether in the kitchen or anywhere else for that matter. He is up on the latest trends and must-try ingredients. They tend to be extroverts and look to experts for guidance. This guy will be focused on the meal and have great reverence for the ingredients being used. Foodies love to share their discoveries, and your appreciation will show that your sense of wonder is intact — a turn on for them.

4. The fancy free 
Does he let inspiration dictate his menu? People who regularly cook without recipe books in front of them tend to be creative thinkers. When determining ingredients, seasoning, time and temperature, they turn to personal thoughts, experiences and feelings. This chef holds an image in mind of the finished dish, and uses that as guidance for to what to do next. These are attributes of creative types who tend to be sensitive to their surroundings.

5. The easy gourmet 
This guy is not interested in complicated directions. A few simple guidelines are all he needs. Convenience is key. Some may start a dish in the wave and finish it by another method. Microwaves are fast and food can often be cooked in the same vessel it is served in, saving valuable clear-up time. They are super fussy, too.

6. The devout vegetarian 
Vegetarian men tend to be compassionate. They are concerned with health, the environment, and humane treatment of animals. They are willing to spend extra time in the kitchen for the benefits of lower fat intake. So brush up on your environmental awareness so you can make good dinner conversation. Vegetarians like to be around people who share their values. So, don’t try to fake it. Nobody likes to be patronised.

7. The nurturer 
These chefs are all about taking care of their guests and like to prepare comfort food. Dishes will often be prepared from memory, or using a recipe written on a piece of paper that is many years old. While the ingredients used may not be as health conscious as today’s consumer trends, there will be an incredible amount of love poured into this meal. But be sure and tell them how nice it is to have them cook for you. They can’t hear it enough. The more you soak up the experience, the more the nurturer will ladle it on.

8. The health freak 
This fellow is focused on health and weight control in particular. There may be some insecurity issues going on or doubts about self image, as well as some need to control what they put in a recipe in order for them to enjoy the meal without guilt. This chef will go extra mile in the kitchen to meet goals — precise measuring of ingredients, dietary points tallied and controlled servings. He needs to feel in control.

9. Happy explorer 
This guy likes to go off the beaten track. Ethnic foods offer intrigue, mysterious flavours. He is likely to be openminded and see the world as one big community. The chef will follow a recipe and may interpret a dish with what he has on hand. He isn’t afraid to experiment, grow and learn. This is a person who is willing to step out of his comfort zone, palate and otherwise. He is ready for spontaneity, whether it’s picking a to watch or planning a last-minute weekend away.



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