A Guide To Understanding Cloud Technology For PR And Online Influencers

A Guide To Understanding Cloud Technology For PR And Online Influencers

By Mitchel Jordon | Tech Contributor on November 24, 2021
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As a medium for public relations, brand promotion, and marketing, the online world has very rapidly taken precedence over the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ marketplace.

Driven by faster connectivity and ease of public access, the World Wide Web has an unsurpassed global reach with the potential to tap into markets that were perhaps inaccessible or unviable with traditional marketing methods.

Put simply, digital marketing and promotion rely upon websites and online platforms as a vehicle for marketing and related activity. Despite this simplicity, many do not fully appreciate or understand the importance of cloud computing.

The rise of cloud computing

The steady rise of the internet as a platform for sales and marketing has also seen the attendant rise in cloud technologies as an alternative to land-based systems. This is of particular significance when it comes to brand placement and promotion, and cloud computing has virtually transformed the face of marketing.

It is worthwhile to better understand this growing phenomenon, and more formalized aws certification is available for those who wish to take a deeper dive into remote server technology and cloud applications.

Cloud technology and ‘social listening’

Cloud-based technology has permitted the marketer or influencer to plan a more effective and refined media campaign. The technique of social listening also means these campaigns can be instigated faster and more cost-effectively.

Social listening permits the mass monitoring of online sites and social media channels to listen out for mentions of a brand name, a business, product, or competitors. By gathering this virtual collage of information, an analysis can be conducted to get a sense of mood – essentially to learn how people feel about a particular brand or product.

This is then followed by an appropriate action – perhaps a change in brand or product marketing or positioning.

A good PR or marketing specialist will understand that a market is fluid and subject to change and volatility. Cloud-based social listening permits ongoing monitoring and the potential for rapid response to meet these fluctuations.

A more level playing field

Traditionally, big marketing was typically the domain of big players – larger scale commercial operators with deeper pockets and bigger advertising budgets.

The advent of cloud-based technology has been a windfall, particularly for smaller and mid-size business concerns. The affordability and the flexibility of scalable cloud-based technology have potentially opened up the online forum to the canny small business operator. Understanding and harnessing the power of cloud applications can reap significant returns, particularly in a competitive market.

Integration of multiple data streams

Like the social listening concept, receiving data is a wasted effort if not analyzed and acted upon. Cloud technology permits the harvesting of information from multiple online sources and integrating those multiple data inputs at a single point for the analysis and development of marketing strategy.

Future PR and marketing methodology can be developed and modified in accordance with changes in the online market.

Flexibility, control, and rapid response

Unlike traditional methodologies, cloud-based brand promotion and marketing affords the user a realistic cost platform with superior control, coupled with the ability to rapidly analyze and respond to market fluctuation and changes in public sentiment.

A deeper appreciation and understanding of cloud-based tech’s potential power can spell the difference between mediocrity and stellar success.


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