A Handy Guide To Choosing Right Vape Juice From Vape Juice Master 

A Handy Guide To Choosing Right Vape Juice From Vape Juice Master 

By Julius Okeke | Sub Editor on May 24, 2018
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Do you like E-cigarettes? YES! Then you must know about vape juice master because they have all varieties of vape juices for you. They have different types of flavors such as ice E-juice, tobacco road E-Juice, java shop E-Juice, happy hour E-Juice and cigarillo E-Juice. Whether you like CBD or E-Juice they have best products for you. But, they will serve you best only when you know what you need means do you have any idea about choosing a right vape juice. NO! Well! If you are one of those new smokers of E-cigarettes then you are surely weak in choosing the flavors.

You may depend on hit and trial method but this may cost you and maybe experiments may fail down. But, you don’t have to waster your money on these experiments as we are here to guide you how you can select a right vape juice for you. Just follow the guide and select the right E-Juice from vape juice master.

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Ingredients, flavors and right nicotine content

What makes vape juice flavorful is its ingredients and right content of nicotine in it. Different content bring different flavors to the juice. You might have seen the different nicotine levels and PG/VG content in various vape juices so what does this ratio mean?

The correct ratio gives an exotic flavor where the golden ratio is 50: 50. Most of the vapers prefer this ratio. So, if you don’t want any hassle then prefer this golden ratio. Here PG is propylene glycol whereas VG is vegetable glycerin both of these are colorless liquids without any smell or odor. These ingredients are the base of E-Juice so any juice that you will buy from vape juice master will surely have these ingredients. Both of these ingredients serve the same purpose but differ in some ways.

esmoking e-smoking vape vaping

PG vs. VG

High amount of PG will give a burnt flavor and this substance is toxic for the pets so keep them away from the vape juice. It’s not toxic for humans. Juice with high VG content does not give burnt flavor as it is resistance to heat. It gives fluffy clouds of vapor moreover it is good for those with allergies. PG can cause allergy but that’s not the case with VG. So, if you have allergy then go for juice with high VG rather than PG. the VG taste sweet so you can enjoy the good flavor.

Right nicotine content

Nicotine strength varies in E-juices. Vape juice master offers you options to choose from several nicotine levels according to you. You can see the nicotine content from the label of vape juice bottles. Individual with health issues can choose E-juice with low nicotine level. Unlike traditional cigarettes here you can reduce the nicotine intake and stay healthy while enjoying smoking. This is the great alternative to traditional cigarettes for reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Vape Juice Master allow you to choose nicotine level as per your need, you can choose from: 0mg/mL to24 mg/mL that is considered as highest nicotine strength. So, do remember the PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength.


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