7 Affordable Ways To Make Your Motorcycle Faster

7 Affordable Ways To Make Your Motorcycle Faster


Riding a motorcycle or sports bike can be liberating and exciting in a beautiful way. Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to explain why, but if you are one of those who want to experience a holistic view, smell and sound of your surroundings and environment all at once, then motorcycling is the ultimate activity.

Different people have different reasons for choosing motorcycling and/or power biking. Apart from the freedom it gives the rider, some seek to experience the breeze on their skins. Others ride for the challenge of navigating rough terrain.

Still some people enjoy the satisfaction that comes with the completion of a riding challenge. Riding a bike requires a certain consistency in timing and judgment. The pleasure that comes from not failing in that challenge or falling from the bike is enormous.

There are still some of us who ride because of the thrill we experience from the speed of our machines. For these category of people; the faster the bike, the more the excitement.

Most bike riders are always looking for affordable ways to upgrade their machines by altering the physical modifications.

If you’re looking to boost the performance of your motorcycle or sports bike, you’ll benefit from these seven tips. They are geared toward improving the speed and power of your bike.


No matter how much you spend on adding more power to you super bike, it will not amount to much if you lack the requisite knowledge and skill to handle your motorcycle.

Generally, bikes are manufactured to go very fast. Your ability to maneuver the bike on the road and tracks is paramount. Therefore, for starters, spend time acquiring the appropriate skills. If possible enroll in a motorcycle racing school where you will be taught everything you need to know about throttle control, braking, body positioning etc.


For speed demons, having the right tires is essential. Now there are many tires out there in the market designed for different purposes.

Do your research to find the ones that will grip the track much better. The more your tire grips the ground, the more confidence you’ll have to throttle down and the faster your bike will go.


If after changing the tires you still need to go faster, consider installing a new customized exhaust system.

Top on my list of customized exhaust systems is the M4 exhaust. Its low weight makes your bike lighter and faster. Apart from their amazing sounds, the M4 exhaust is designed for effective throttle response which in turn adds power and torque to your bike.

If you want to improve the performance of your motorcycle and sportsbike, consider changing the exhaust.


As mentioned earlier, lighter is faster. One of the best ways to drastically reduce the weight of your bike is to install any of the super light customized wheels in the market.


The type of suspension on your bike determines your speed. Taking your bike to a professional to set the compression will completely improve the performance of your bike.

Adjusting the compression on your bike and checking settings for your weight will help shape how your bike responds to your inputs.


The air filter is a very important mechanism in your bike. It is responsible for air inflow/outflow and filtration. Connecting a custom-made air filter enhances your machine’s airflow and percolation, thereby guaranteeing more power and speed.


This tip is recommended to those of us who are real professionals and know what they are doing. If you need more power after changing your tires and exhaust, then consult a specialist and have him re-build the engine of your bike.

Installing a more powerful engine will definitely produce more power and take you further to the front of the grid.

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam writes creative non-fiction and prose fiction. Her works have appeared in Romance Meets Life, Flash Fiction Press, MTLS, Saraba Magazine, Sentinel Magazine and others. Her first novel, Finding Love Again, was published by Ankara Press. She owns and manages Creative Writing News.


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