As a homeowner, you are always looking for ideas to improve your living space. One of the greatest ideas is adding a ductless air conditioning system, which is more efficient and less costly. The system however comes with new challenges. For instance, it affects your home’s original décor and you have to think of ingenious ideas to keep it out of sight.

The last thing you want on your property is to have an AC unit blocking your immaculate décor. Still, you don’t want to obstruct the unit because it will not work effectively. This presents a challenge because you want a comfortable home and your ductless unit has to remain in an obstructed location inside your home.

Well, here are some ideas from that you can utilize to add your AC system without interfering with the décor:

  1. Go for white of Black Units

White and black colors go with any type of décor. A black or white unit will integrate into any type of décor you have and choosing the location will not be a big issue. It will not stick out like a sore thumb and your indoors will still feel comfortable.

  1. Recessed Wall

If you can make structural adjustments in your house, go bold and cut out a space on the wall to accommodate the unit. This idea is great for homeowners because the air conditioning unit will comfortably blend into the wall and you will not have to worry about it affecting your home décor.

  1. Over a Window or Doorway

These spaces are not overly visible and in any case cannot be used for storage. You can easily fix the AC unit on top of your window and no one will ever notice. At this position, it will work effectively and make your home comfortable. The top of your doorway is also hard to spot and the unit will still work efficiently.

  1. Above Cabinets

This space cannot be used for storage and would otherwise just gather dust. However, you can creatively add the AC system above an armoire or cabinet in any room and it will work without any obstruction. The color of the cabinet or armoire should blend with the AC system to give a better finish. If you have a bookcase, the space above it can also be used creatively to hide the AC unit.

  1. Among Wall Decorations

If you have art decorations or other fixtures on the wall, you can creatively add the mini-split unit as part of these decorations. You can create a custom shelf to hold the unit and it will not become a focal point of your décor. It perfectly blends with the wall décor.

A mini-split is a great home improvement to your home but you should also be ready for the impact it can have on your home’s décor. It is important to consider tailor-made changes to your home décor in order to integrate the unit without affecting its performance. More importantly, talk to your interior designer for more ideas on hiding your indoor air conditioner.

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