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Broadcaster Aisha Falode Seeks Justice For Alleged Murder Of Her Son In Dubai (PICTURED)

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Falode and son
Falode and son

Popular TV sports broadcaster, Aisha Falode, on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 called on the Nigerian government to immediately intervene in the death of her 19-year-old son Oloruntoba, who was alleged to have fallen from the balcony of his 17th floor (Apartment 1703) in Manchester Towers, Dubai Marina, Dubai, on Saturday, February, 15, 2014.

According to Falode, her son was murdered in Dubai by one Saudi national and a Briton and not what  the police reports said.

After series of personal investigations done by the aggrieved mother, she concluded that there was a plot by the Dubai police authorities to cover up the alleged murder of her son.

“We travelled to Dubai in April and met with some of my son’s friends who were present in the apartment on that fateful day.

“The summary of the accounts of these friends were totally different from what the police report indicated and revealed a weak attempt by the authorities in Dubai to hide facts that pointed to the fact that my poor son was murdered.

“It was like 18 to 20 metres from the building. The police (in Dubai) have not done a proper investigation on my son’s death because they said everybody in the apartment gave the same account of what happened, which was that my son was alone on the balcony and he sat on the railing and was swinging back and forth and he fell.

“The police did not tell us the whole truth and are trying to cover up for this Saudi boy,” she said.

Some of Oloruntoba friends who were present  at the apartment during the time of incident told her that they noticed that the Saudi boy had splatters of blood on his T-shirt, cuts on his fingers and blood on his knuckles.

“In panic, they rushed to the balcony and saw that my son was no longer there. So, they knew that something had happened.

“The Saudi boy kept telling them that they shouldn’t worry about it (my son’s death); because the maximum he would do was 25 years in jail, and that he would take care of it.

“My findings revealed that Saudi boy’s father is a major investor in Dubai and so Dubai authorities would do anything to protect the boy because of his father’s investments,” she said.

Falode pleaded with the Federal Government to look into the case  and ensure that proper justice for the murder of her son was carried out.

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