All Natural! Meet The Woman With The World’s Largest Breasts (PHOTOS)

All Natural! Meet The Woman With The World’s Largest Breasts (PHOTOS)

By Anita Sunday | Society Reporter on January 1, 2014
The Trent

Largest Breast The Trent

Annie-Hawkins Turner is no stranger to turned eyes.

Mother of two, Turner is a website enterpreneur and fetish model, with the world’s largest natural breasts.

Her gigantic breasts are size 102ZZZ and weigh nearly 50kg together. Each of her breast is equal to the weight of the 4-year-old child.

For sometime she starred in soft-core porn movies under the name of Norma Stitz, by which she is more popularly known. She has 250 films under her belt.

Turner is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, US and she has suffered from gigantomastia, which is slow progresssive growth of breast tissue and fat tissue, for nearly her entire life — she started wearing a bra in third grade at the age of 10, according to reports. This condition, which is rare, will cause her breasts to continue to grow her entire life.

Turner says she has goes out with security now, because of her fame.

Her sister Vernadine says,“When we go out, someone always wants to hook up with Annie!”

But, it hadn’t always been sweet, she was bullied in school by other children for what would turn out to be asset that gave her world fame.

The Guinness Book of World Records recognised her has the owner of the world’s largest natural breasts in 1999 and her record has remained unsurpassed.

Her large breasts comes with health challenged, however, Turner suffers from pain and numbness in her shoulders and back if she stands for too long.

But, she wouldn’t change it, “Why fix what is not broken?” she replies with asked if she would ever consider breast reduction surgery.

Turner was married for 13 years to the father of her children, a US air force officer, until his death in 2003.

Largest Breasts The Trent

'This Morning' TV Programme, London, Britain - 23 Jun 2011

Woman Breasts The Trent


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