Annkio Briggs: As Niger Delta Leaders Meet With President Buhari

Annkio Briggs: As Niger Delta Leaders Meet With President Buhari [MUST READ]

By Annkio Briggs | Op-Ed Contributor on October 31, 2016
Annkio Briggs, AN OPEN & URGENT LETTER TO IJAW NATION, Bayelsa , Goodluck Jonathan, Olusegun Obasanjo
Annkio Briggs at the National Conference in May 2014 | NAN Photo

The oil-rich delta region of southern Nigeria – called Niger Delta – is larger than 70,000 square kilometers with a population larger of over 35 million people – larger than the population of Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Australia, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Hungary, and United Arab Emirates – made up of 40 ethnic nationalities and collectively producing over 2.2 million barrels of crude oil per day.

I have to restate here for the purpose of emphasis – the population of the people of the Niger Delta is larger than that of all our African neighbours – Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Benin Republic, and Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and many more. If the Niger Delta region were an independent country, its population would place it as the 39th most populous nation in the world, a position between Canada (36 million) and Morocco (34 million) on the global country-by-country population list.

The people of the Niger Delta with the crude oil resources exploited from their region are not a poor people, are not a conquered people, and we are therefore not beggars. And we could probably be the richest black people on earth, if we dared to own our God-given resources.

From 1885 to 1893, the Niger Delta we have gone from being the Oil Rivers Protectorate to the Niger Coast Protectorate Petroleum Rich Region, these are identities given to us first because of our riches in Palm Kernel produce to the discovery of crude oil and gas just before the independence of Nigeria in 1960. Before the British came and ascribed these nomenclature on the region, we were (and are still are) the indigenes of an enviable, blessed, rich, and industrious region.

After the discovery of oil and gas in commercial quantities in the Niger Delta, the region has remained in the centre of national and international debate with regards to the pollution and environmental degradation of the region. The twin issues have been made worse by unimaginable levels of corruption and human rights abuses of succession of military regimes and the democratic regimes that followed.

The Niger Delta are mostly found in the South South political zone of Nigeria. Geographically, we occupy 7.5% of Nigeria’s landmass. Politically, the region is made up of six states – Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, and Rivers.

We have experienced different seasons of oppression and political climate – colonial, post-colonial, Nigerian civil war (in which we were marked for extermination by the two armies in the conflict), violent agitations, and non-violent resistance, and the story is still on-going.

The resources of the Delta region has been used for more than a century, since the 1914 amalgamation to 1960 Independence, when we were dealt a bad hand of cards of oppression, neglect, under-development and human rights abuse.

We are a welcoming and peace loving, yet we have never failed to resist oppression, neglect, injustice and inequality from the days of Nana of Itsekiri, the Nembe war, the era of King Jaja of Opopo, to that of Chief Harold Dappa Biriye, Adaka Boro, and all the way to the agitations of Ken Saro-Wiwa, we have always wanted fairness, justice, and equitable for all.

During all these times, our peaceful and humble ways and obvious loyal commitment to the continuity of Nigeria as a country has been willfully misread as weakness or even deadly desire on our part to sacrifice our people, region, and resources to keep the corrupt enterprise called Nigeria going.

When in 1998, the oppressive and extremely corrupt regime led by the late General Sani Abacha was dismantled following the unexpected death of the head of state, a supposed democratic government was ushered in the next year. General Olusegun Obasanjo (Rtd), a former military ruler who had just been released from prison took up leadership of the country as president based on the 1999 Constitution and there was high hopes for a new era of democratic rule.

But, the 1999 Constitution wasn’t the constitution agreed upon by the 350 ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. Rather, it was a military decree signed into law by General Abdulsalami Abubakar. The military-produced document begins “We, the people”, then proceeds to say the people agreed on a united Nigeria and prescribe laws to government the people. who never agreed to the document in the first place. It is a fraud to pass off the 1999 Constitution as a democratic framework for the country.

I have always maintained that the problems staring Nigeria in the fact, that threaten our unity, are are written in the 1999 Constitution which the military government handover over to a military general as the basis for him to rule the country.

The Niger Delta people expected things to change in favour of the region, politically, when Obasanjo took over power, but what we were handed was continued genocide. We were cruely handed Odi, Odioma, Gbaramatu, Ayekoromo, and others.

The Niger Delta Development Commission, a supposed developmental intervention agency, turned out to be a puppet controlled from Abuja using people from the Niger Delta region as willing political and economic pawns in the hands of the federal government working against the collective good and development empowerment of the very people the agency was created to serve.

Though the NDDC is being presented as an agency for the Niger Delta people and region and managed by the Niger Delta people, it is actually a political power tool manipulated and controlled by the political system today known as the ‘cabal’.

What did we get from democracy? The calls for resource control which galvanised into a globally recognised movement during the Abacha years was frustrated, the oppression and neglect of the Niger Delta region continued which snowballed into the armed agitations. Only then, did the issues that had been placed before past leaders of the country receive some attention.

President Obasanjo again offered something, a truce to enable the output of oil to rise again from the creeks of the Niger Delta, he succeeded. Then we had to deal with the unconstitutional ambition for 3rd term, NDDC became the cash cow for driving an illegality driven by the raw ambition of one man. Funds meant to go into the Niger Delta was diverted to fund the unholy agenda. The Niger Delta and Igbo people are still paying the price for the failure of the 3rd term, as they are seen as being responsible for the failure.

There is, indeed, a political cabal, that takes a hold of any elected or military government, it either controls the government to its selfish benefit or brings the government down. The Niger Delta has been at the receiving end of this cabal. The policies and system of long established decisions of never allowing either political or economic power to leave the control of “the cabal” which is made of one minority ethnic group from the North driven by the draconian philosophy of the military profession.

The cabal won’t permit a government with aims different from its selfish aims to hold power at all costs to rise and fix Nigeria by addressing the very unjust system that the cabal feeds off of.

Boko Haram, the Fulani herdsmen militia, boldly killing, destroying and raping their way from Kaduna to Warri in the past 6 years, the kidnapping of under-aged Christian girls of South South origin, forcefully converting them to Islam, renaming them, and married them off to Muslim leaders and truck pushers are all criminal and terrorist enterprises funded and protected by the cabal.

In May 2015 the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress government was sworn in, 1 year and 5 months later, the Niger Delta people are worst off than they have ever been since 1960.

In my opinion as a Niger Deltan, amongst over 35 million Niger Deltans coming from 40 ethnic nationalities owning the resources known as oil and gas, and others yet to be discovered, we the Niger Delta people have made too many sacrifices that no other groups of peoples have made for Nigeria or will ever be willing to make. And this is for a country dubiously created 100 years ago for selfish economic reasons. By 1914, the people of the Niger Delta had been living in the territory as free and independent nationalities for hundreds of years, it is therefore nothing to be ashamed of, if we decide today to re-appraise our terms and conditions of continue stay in a union that has no regard for us as equal partners in nation building, but rather sees us as tools to serve.

The Niger Delta region and her people, and the people of the South East have been referred to as the 5% that did not vote for the President Buhari lead APC government and were told not to expect what the 97% who voted for him will get.

At home and abroad the people of the Niger Delta, Igbos, and some selected outspoken Yorubas have been singled out and made to undergo media trials by the Muhammadu Buhari government. They have been branded thieves and looters of the treasury and denied their fundamental human rights.

The Niger Delta region is under constant threat of having the political will of the people overturned by the courts. Nearly 18 months after the 2015 elections and re-run elections, my beloved Rivers state is without full representation at the National Assembly, House of Representatives and State Assembly. All this, is a bid to frustrate the will of the Rivers people embodied in Governor Nyesom Wike. A political party and a democratic leader is meant to serve the people not punish the people.

The devastation and destruction of the Niger Delta people’s environment, by International Oil Companies and their 60% federal government partners is probably the worst and most unacceptable sacrifice the people of the Niger Delta region have had to make to sustain Nigeria. And it is one that we will continue to make until we take our destiny into our own hands.

The Niger Delta ecosystem and the people’s livelihood has been destroyed by the careless and wicked method of exploration and exploitation of oil and gas has been undertaken since the discovery of oil and gas in the Niger Delta in 1957.

It is estimated that 25% of our mangrove has been destroyed! Our rain forest is nearly if not all destroyed all 7,400 square kilometers.

Oil spills in communities destroy crops; aquaculture which contaminate our drinking waters and farm soil destroying our livelihood, taking away our basic human right to feed and provide for ourselves and family. In the 90% agrarian and fishing communities of the Niger Delta, our fish and crops are destroyed by the activities of the federal government and their international oil major partners.

Experts have predicted that the environmental degradation in the Niger Delta region, if it continues at the current pace, our land and waters will become uninhabitable in less than a generation.

l personally believe this unfortunate trend has been the strategy of the born-to-rule power dealing cabal all along and the silence and inaction of the Nigerian government has encouraged it, in fact, actually promoted it. To either kill us off or make the region uninhabitable, either one of each will produce the desired outcome – unfettered access to our oil and gas (by any means necessary).

Respiratory problems, asthma, skin, stomach, and lung cancers, are some of the common health issues prevalent in the Niger Delta. Access to clean water, air and food is denied us as a result of the environmental abuses.

Gas flaring minimum of 3.5billion cubic feet of associated gas is flared yearly in the Niger Delta by the oil companies and their federal government partners, ironically the governments are obliged to protect us from these abuses. Gas flared in the Niger Delta is the equivalent of 25% of the UK’s gas consumption, which is the equivalent of 40% of Africa’s gas consumption as of 2001 (15 years ago) (Source:

The federal government and oil companies are wasting a minimum of US$2 billion per year of Niger Delta wealth. It is cheaper for them to flare than to commercially separate viable associated gas from oil so they flare not minding the cost to the people and the Niger Delta region. They are killing us slowly to, ironically, save money.

It is therefore my considered opinion that this is the reason oil companies take their headquarters to Lagos State, and not because of insecurity caused by the Niger Delta people. They have the knowledge of exactly the health hazards they have created for us, according to the UNEP report we have a death sentence hanging over our heads. Our children have no future even before they are conceived.

Climate Justice in its study estimates that the exposure to benzene would result in 8 news cases of cancer yearly in Bayelsa State. Is it worth it? So that Kano State can collect allocation for its 44 LGA while Bayelsa State gets less than 1/5th of that for its 8 LGA.

l can say with confidence that more than 95% or 97% of our people in the Niger Delta region believe that the call for restructuring and resource ownership rather than threaten the unity of Nigeria seems to be the last post for the unity of Nigeria. I make my observation as a Niger Deltan, I don’t claim to speak for all the ethnic nationalities, and I have been a strong advocate for all ethnic groups to speak for themselves.

As recently confirmed by Nigeria’s minister of state for petroleum resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu when he presented a roadmap for the development of the nation’s oil and gas industry at the Presidential Villa Abuja on Thursday the 27th of October, 2016 that President Buhari will meet with some stakeholders from the oil rich region on Tuesday, November 1.

I will raise my concerns about this meeting and what I believe should be the core thrust for engagement with the Niger Delta in the concluding part of this article, read it HERE.

Annkio Briggs is a daughter, servant, and respected leader of the Niger Delta. She is a leading voice in the struggle for human rights and environmental justice in the oil-rich region. Connect with her on Facebook

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 


  1. The USUAL INANITIES of blaming both the British Colonialists and the Nigerian Military without looking at the limited choices they were confronted with and the quality of people that the society was made of.

    “But, the 1999 Constitution wasn’t the constitution agreed upon by the 350 ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. Rather, it was a military decree signed into law by General Abdulsalami Abubakar. The military-produced document begins “We, the people”, then proceeds to say the people agreed on a united Nigeria and prescribe laws to government the people. who never agreed to the document in the first place. It is a fraud to pass off the 1999 Constitution as a democratic framework for the country.”

    Pray, Where is Professor Eric Opia? Where is Dan Etete? Where is Diezani Alison-Madueke? Where is Ibori? Where is Asari Dokubo? Where is Tompolo? They all were either given opportunity to represent, lead and serve the interests of the Niger Delta Peoples and they stole and vamoosed, or they were sponsored to stagnate the Development of the Niger Delta by blowing Up Infrastructures and Driving Away Investors? What stopped AlisonMadueke and GOODLUCK JONATHAN from building Brand New REFINERIES all those years they held office, instead of turning BLIND EYE to the Pirate Bush Refineries?

    The beginning of Restructuring Of Nigeria MUST start with the CHARACTER RECONSTRUCTION of the Niger Delta Peoples. King Jaja Of Opubo was a slave dealer. All the wealth of Bonny Kingdom was derived from slavery and slave trading. What an ugly past. The Nigerian Military did not produce the 1999 Constition from the SKY. Earlier on, far back to 1987/88, there had been a Constituent Assembly put in place by President Ibrahim Babangida that reviewed the 1978 Constitution, preparatory to transition from Military to Civil rule. The target hand-over Date was January 1990. The Politicians kept on being DISHONEST with various BALLOT rigging methods until, the harsh open-ballot queue-behind-the- candidate OPTION A4 Ballotting system was introduced. MKO ABIOLA won but ARTHUR NZERIBE and JUSTICE IKPEME orgainized a clandestine COURT SITTING and caused an INJUNCTION TO BE ISSUED that aborted the 1993 JUNE 12 ELECTION. Was that the fault of the Colonialists or the Nigerian Armed Forces? We keep looking backward instead of forward, we keep using archaic technologies and washed out arguments to solve contemporary challenges and problems instead of applying common-sense state-of-the-art technologies to solve problems.

    The Police Force Died, The Legislature Died, The Judiciary Died, The CHARACTER and INTEGRITY DIED. Was it the Colonialists that have created all the Niger Delta Terrorsists and Political Elites to loot the Public Treasure and stow away their loots overseas? They now own Estates in Ghana, Cotonou, Morocco, DUBAI, London and ABUJA at the Expence of WARRI, BOMADI, UGHELLI, UYO, EKET, AKURE, UMUAHIA, OWERRI etc. Ankio Briggs backed the Militants to raid and stagnate the Niger Delta. She is till doing everything she can to stoke the flames of confusion and insurrection in IJAW LAND. What did the South South benefit from Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidency? Of course, he has empowered the Militants to stockpile bombs and confront the FRN. There must be some reasonable people still caring about the Niger Delta without resorting to threats and violence that disrupt peaceful development.

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