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APC Goes To Court As Buhari ‘Drinks KUNU’ Over Breakfast With Saraki/Dogara

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Very hilarious indeed – so it is apparent that “our so-called Intellectuals” in the APC do not understand the norms in a “Presidential/Constitutional Democracy” that states “The President of the Nation is the LEADER of his own party.”

So apparently was heading to COURT against Saraki/Dogara in the same instance that “The LEADER of the Party was having breakfast with them”- all of them belonging to the same party – and this would raise the issue of “Was the LEADER of the party consulted with on or endorsed this court case?”

So which exact LEADER approved of this move? The one in “Aso Rock” or the one in “Bourdillon?”

I also heard Lai Mohammed was saying “Buhari is not the Leader of the party; the party has many leaders?” What? It is apparent this man has spent too much time doing “Aluta Opposition” that he would now need a crash course from those in the PDP who have been at this for a while longer – you don’t debate the “No. 1 Position in your Party” – the fact that “You’re answerable to Bourdillon” doesn’t mean that “Bourdillon is equal to APC!”

Well, the question that would be debated in the coming days would be “Who exactly is the LEADER of the ruling party – APC?”

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