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Benue Killings; Why Ndigbo Should Worry, By Charles Ogbu [MUST READ]

Must read

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hat the non-Caliphate rest of Nigerians are currently witnessing an undeclared war being waged on them by the #ScionsOfDanfodio is not in doubt.

This war is full-scale jihad. And the aim is to kill, maim, conquer and enslave the non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria in furtherance of the dream of Danfodio. These are issues that are beyond argument.

That the Nigeria govt and all her security apparatus are criminally complicit in this moral tragedy is an open secret. This was the sole reason Buhari spent 12 years seeking power. Nothing more. This was the sole reason he handed virtually all the security agencies to his fellow ArewaNorthern irredentists.

The question is, how come everyone including all the Generals are playing the spectators while this evil man is carrying on with his agenda?

How come all that CAN can do after these jihadists killed two Reverend fathers is call for protest?

How come a whole retired General like TY Danjuma can only talk and say the same thing we all have been saying for ages about the involvement of the military in this jihad??

Now let me go home:


do you realize that after Benue na we??

Do we have a TY Danjuma that will at least publicly call out the Jihadist govt??

Do we have leaders that will stand by and with the people the way Governor Ortom stood by and with his people??

Do we have youths that are emotionally mature enough to understand the need to keep their differences with the political class apart and join hands to ward off these Barbarians??

Do we have a people that will realize the need to first chase the Fox away before blaming mother hen for taking her chicks too far into the bush.


And this should worry every Igbo man/woman.

This unending fight between Igbo youths and their leaders/elders need to be suspended for now. This current Jihad poses a grave existential threat to all of us, especially Ndigbo. If we don’t quickly put an end to this our fight and put our house in order, we will all die one by one!

I know some of you will come here and start pointing fingers. Please don’t. If we want to point fingers, trust me, there are enough fingers to go round.

Confronting Buhari brothers and their angel of death should be of utmost priority.

As a country, Nigeria will break under the weight of its internal contradiction. The Danfodios will see to that through their murderous indiscretions.

Question is,

With this current rift between our youths and their leaders/elders, are we really ready to handle our home assuming Nigeria were to break up this very minute????

Every true Igbo son/daughter should be thinking of closing this gap. It has made us a laughing stock for far too long. Our words and actions should be geared towards closing this unhealthy gap between the Igbo masses and the Igbo leadership collective.

Buhari brothers are coming. They are here already. And if we don’t put our house in order, death will be too kind a fate to befall us.

A wise man prepares for war in time of peace.

Charles Ogbu is a social media activist who contributes articles to The Trent. Connect with him on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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