Boy Meets Girl On Instagram. Girl Likes Photo. Pair Get Married…

Boy Meets Girl On Instagram. Girl Likes Photo. Pair Get Married… [LOOK]

By Wires | The Trent on November 2, 2014
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Forget Tinder, the latest place to find love is on Instagram.

That’s right folks, you better think carefully about those selfies and #NoFilter countryside landscapes you post, your future spouse could be looking at them.

Denis LaFargue and Elizabeth Wisdom met via the social media site. Wisdom caught LaFargue’s eye when he joined Instagram in June 2012 after she posted a picture of Crater Lake in Oregon.

Having visited the crater himself the previous summer, LaFargue commented on the picture, saying: “I miss this place”.

first insta pic

The pair followed each other on Instagram, and soon realised they had a shared love of artsy pictures and country walks. After further picture comments, LaFargue asked for Wisdom’s number.

According to ABC News, the pair spoke on the phone for several months before Wisdom traveled to New Orleans for their first face-to-face encounter on 19th October 2012.

Staying with @denislafargue for the weekend. Thanks for showing me around and making this an awesome weekend!

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The couple dated for a year long distance. From late 2012 to 2013, their Instagram pics look like more like scenes from Love Actually. Seriously, we want to hate them but they’re just so cute…

My other half. @denislafargue

A photo posted by Elizabeth Lafargue (@elizabethlafargue) on

TODAY IS AN IMPORTANT DAY, YALL!!! • #oneyearagotoday Elizabeth came to visit me for the first time, and we began dating! • Who knew I'd fall so hard for a girl that I barely knew anything about from @Instagram! And that she would be brave enough to come visit some strange guy in New Orleans (7 hours away) after only talking to him for a few short weeks, AND that within 9 months of dating we would be engaged! • I thank God for the way He takes care and blesses us. He consistently wows me as He reveals more and more about Himself as well as more of his plan for my life. His ways are higher than ours (and his thoughts too!) • I am also thankful for the community and platform that Instagram has been for me to share my/our story. Through Instagram I've made friends with folks I'd never meet otherwise (such as Elizabeth!), and I've been able to share precious moments from my life on here. Y'all have been so encouraging to Elizabeth and I over the past year as we have journeyed together, and I'm looking forward to this next year as we plan out our wedding! Yall rock! • AND SO, To celebrate this weekend we are going to do a bunch of the fun stuff we did on our first weekend together! It's gonna be a blast!

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LaFargue proposed to Wisdom during a trip to her grandmother’s barn in Texas. Unsurprisingly, a picture of the engagement ring was posted on Instagram.

@denislafargue proposed to me in the most perfect way a few minutes ago. I cannot wait to be his bride. AHHHHHHH!!! ❤

A photo posted by Elizabeth Lafargue (@elizabethlafargue) on

The couple finally tied the knot on 18th October to 2014. Wisdom was quick to change her Instagram handle from @ElizabethWisdom to @ElizabethLaFargue.


Me and my beautiful bride // Check out our wedding hashtag for more pictures of our big day! #denisgetswisdom

A photo posted by Denis Lafargue (@denislafargue) on

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