Russian Intelligence Claims MH370 Was ‘Hijacked And In Afghanistan’, Passengers And Crew...

Russian Intelligence Claims MH370 Was ‘Hijacked And In Afghanistan’, Passengers And Crew ALIVE

By Daily Magic on April 13, 2014
A Royal Malaysian Air Force Navigator captain Izam Fareq Hassan talks with his team members onboard a Malaysian Air Force CN235 aircraft during a search and rescue (SAR) operation to find the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 plane over the Strait of Malacca (Photo Credit: Getty/Daily Mirror)

A Russian newspaper has claimed that Flight MH370 was hijacked by “unknown terrorists” and flown to Afghanistan, where the crew and passengers are now being held hostage.

The extraordinary comments, attributed to a Russian intelligence source, appeared in the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

The source told the paper: “Flight MH370 malaysia Airlines missing on March 8 with 239 passengers was hijacked.

“Pilots are not guilty; the plane was hijacked by unknown terrorists.

“We know that the name of the terrorist who gave instructions to pilots is “Hitch.”

“The plane is in Afghanistan not far from Kandahar near the border with Pakistan.”

According to The Daily Star, Moskovsky Komsomolets also claims the passengers have been divided into seven groups and are living in mud huts with almost no food.

Twenty Asian passengers were said to have been smuggled into a bunker in Pakistan.

It is also claimed that the terrorists are possibly seeking to bargain with either America or  China .

The news, perhaps unsurprisingly, has not been confirmed by authorities either in Malaysia or China.

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  1. I know my GOD will surely amswer my prayers concerning the passengers in filght 370. My GOD will surely preserve their lives.

  2. I hope by God this information is true . His mercies will touch the heart of the people involved and let them deliver all concerned safely in Jesus mighty name

    I hope by God this information is true. May the good Lord touch the heart of the people involved rescue all captives and reunite them with their families in Jesus mighty name.

  3. Discussion on YouGov UK

    Alan Morton • 17 days ago
    I am quite confident in believing the 239 people are still alive; at the moment. The plane hijacking was cleverly planned to very high degree of intelligence. This is quite obvious from the evidence.
    I am sure the plane flew over the Archipelagos and landed somewhere NEAR Pakistan. The reasons for hijacking are quite obvious. The aircraft will be used as a suicide dirty bomb rather than a more complicated biological weapon. Although the target logically would be Tel Aviv I feel an attempt will speedily be made on New York if enough fuel for the trip.

    Considering the uncertainty of this world and the poor surveillance or early warning system as experienced by current events I am sure there will be little fear of getting caught in flight by clever and lets not forget suicidal people. Unless of course the powers that be are already aware.

    Public: ‘flight MH 370 probably did not crash’

    Alan Morton • 16 days ago
    In response to several replies. If an inflight suicide was proposed, why change course, why reduce or increase height, why not crash immediately on land or sea, why physically turn off all communication. This is not the action of a suicide.

    If the aircraft is on fire internally, increasing height would make little difference as the plane has a pressurised system.

    If a country’s security are so technically adept at tracing flying aircraft anywhere in the world using radar, satellite or other top security equipment, how did they miss this one.
    I find this point very suspicious indeed.
    Possibly still in use; several years ago Boeing/Norad designed on board computers capable of being controlled by outside influences. Should an aircraft deviate from its intended flight path an alarm allowed an operator to totally control the system, no matter what the pilot attempted, similar to the ‘Drones’ now used to covertly destroy.
    When these aircraft were sold to Germany the fitted computers were removed and German equipment reinstalled!
    Large quantities of radio active waste could not efficiently be transported through drug channels as suggested due to it weighty heavy shielding and radio active tracing.

    An aircraft similar to 370 could probably carry 1-200 tons cargo. Easily and safely capable of transporting one ton of waste, shielded or not. To hire a plane as suggested by another comment, would present more risk of discovery that stealing one.
    Most know very little of what happened but all ideas are helpful. After all logic and intelligence is not the gift of a few. Talking conspiracy which many refer to; how are we to know if some government in the world hijacked the plane to use as a dirty bomb to crash upon its own or some other friendly neighbour to start WW3. Remember The Bay of Pigs, Pearl Harbour, 911, 7.7 and several other!

    28th March. In reply to other comments and repeating my previous conclusions many days
    ago. The aircraft was hijacked, turned and flew over the Archpelagos then
    headed North and landed safely somewhere near to Parkistan.
    At the moment all the passengers are safe.

    The aircraft a Boeing 777-200ex is an extended range aircraft capable of travelling
    at 590 mph with a range of between 7,700 and 12,500 miles subject to fuel
    tonnage. 45,000 gallons? This aircraft probably has EFB Electronic Flight bag
    fitted enabling all digital maps, charts and manuals.
    With seats removed and loaded with a very large quantity of radio active waste the
    plane is a disaster waiting to happen. When lifted, the aircraft can detour from its main target New York and fly over other US friendly countries. Should the aircraft be blown up before its intended target the onus politically would fall upon the US on a decision to save its own as opposed to other collateral damage.

    There are many other points which can be investigated but the plan IF CORRECT, shows a very intelligent team of planners.
    Will they repaint logo’s and join a flight path. It all appears a win win situation to me. Let us pray that something goes wrong for them. Even a black box could quite easily be planted with a short life battery ensuring a frantic waste of time and money looking for bodies and wreakage to appease distressed relatives.

    Discussion on YouGov UK

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