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Bruce Jenner Plans To Be A Lesbian Once He Completes His Transition To A Woman

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The Kardashian family patriarch, Bruce Jenner wants to “continue sleeping with other women” once he completes his gender reassignment and becomes ‘Belinda.’

The 65-year-old Olympic gold medalist seems ready to embrace his  life as a woman, especially the sexual part.

He now has a more feminine look, growing out his hair, wearing nail polish, and more. The only surgical procedure he has had was having his Adam’s apple reduced in January 2014.

According to Mail Online, Jenner has told loved ones that he ‘can’t imagine himself being attracted to men.’

‘He’s not sure if the hormone treatments will change how he feels about men, but right now he he still likes women.’

‘He’s always loved the ladies. He longs to be feminine and pretty – and also to feel the touch of another woman,” the source added.

After his split with Kris Jenner, the 65-year-old is rumored to be  dating Ronda Kamihira, whom he claims he has ‘deep feelings for.

They’re not super serious right now, but no one would be surprised if their relationship continued to progress.

Jenner’s family has also been really supportive of his transition especially his step daughter, Khloe Kardashian and his mother who revealed how proud she was of him for finally embracing his sexuality.

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