Buhari, Mrs. Buhari, Aso Rock Cabals, And The APC Implosion (READ)

Buhari, Mrs. Buhari, Aso Rock Cabals, And The APC Implosion (READ)

By Opinions | The Trent on October 14, 2016
Mamman Daura Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria APC
FILE: General Muhammadu Buhari as president elect (r) Alhaji Mamman Daura (2nd r) exchange greeting with APC chairman Katsina State, Engr Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa when Katsina delegation paid a congratulatory visit on his victory held at the APC campaign office in Abuja. Saturday, April 4, 2015

The All Progressives Congress, APC faithfuls, especially in the north, burnt houses belonging to People’s Democratic Party, PDP stalwarts who were Muslims, killed some and massacred Christians after the 2011 presidential elections was announced. I don’t want to mention talks like ‘Kare jini biri jini’ or ‘if you don’t do it, it is at your risk…’, Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram, threat of running a parallel government, bombing of churches, religious tension, etc.

Given the above, you will agree with me that a larger chunk of the fifteen million Nigerians that voted for APC in 2015, did so at gunpoint; and this is tantamount to armed robbery. The rest lot who willingly voted for APC, did so because they were conned with lofty promises which is another form of robbery. The ignorants voted based on religious and sectional sentiments. I was among those who voted for APC SAK because I was conned into believing their bogus promises, but now I know better.

When I was in primary school, there was this story that tickled my senses as a little boy. It was the story of three successful thieves who sat down to share their loot under a big tree, but they were hungry. Two of the thieves asked the youngest thief to go get food while they share the loot. As the youngest thief was returning, he thought what a wonderful idea it will be if he has all the loot to himself so he poisoned the food. The other thieves thought it a brilliant idea if the loot is shared two ways instead of three, so they descended on the youngest thief and killed him, after which they ate the poisoned food. I felt a sense of poetic justice at the end of this story.

Given the above, you will agree with me that the strange bedfellows that came together to form APC did so for pecuniary reasons of robbing Nigerians of their votes through the use of intimidation, violence and terrorism just like the three ill-fated thieves in the story above who robbed people of their possessions. Now, just like the thieves got greedy and began to kill and poison one another, different factions of the APC began to emerge over disagreement over how to share the Nigerian loot. We saw the unending struggle over the seat of the senate president between the Lawan and Saraki groups (all APC) which has rendered the upper chambers near useless with respect to performing its fundamental duties. The scramble for positions affected the lower chambers too.

The president, being the strongest of all the APC thieves, greedily made himself minister of petroleum, and saw to it that the DSS boss and INEC boss were reserved for his family members alone. Mohammed Junaid was among those staunch APC thieves who began to cry foul about the president taking the lion’s share of the Nigerian loot by making Aso Rock staff an exclusive preserve of his family members.

The first lady Aisha Buhari became a very powerful power broker with rumours of her serving as a go-between for bribery involving Kogi State’s governor. The Haliburton scandal, the outrage of northern women that followed her choice of dress while on a foreign trip, and many other negative things associated with her, made her more of a liability than an asset to the Buhari family.

And, of course, her discontent may begin when she began to get sidelined by other greedy and power-drunk family members like Daura who could have used the scandals around her to rob her of her share of the loot. The interview she granted BBC Hausa was her way of fighting back and not because of her love for Nigeria. If she continues like this, she might be risking a lot in the face of power-drunk family members.

Going by the interview, it was still all about sharing of the Nigerian loot the APC as a party stole from Nigeria, where she was complaining that those who didn’t partake in the robbery were those benefiting from the loot and claimed she won’t go campaigning again in 2019.

The first lady might quickly forget that it was not her campaign that gave them the votes, but the violence and terrorism. She may also forget that, of her own, she has no political value without her husband by her side and especially now that she has outraged northern women with her choice of clothes so she should simply keep quiet about not going out to campaign.

Again, even Mr. President is not safe with his family members and the rumoured disease on him, could have been planted by close family members in order to wield absolute power without interruptions.

Conclusively, the change mantra was a careful gimmick crafted to bamboozle Nigerians into handling their country over to be scrambled by ruthless and insatiably greedy impostors who had no desire to really restructure Nigeria. Hapless Nigerians look on as they continue to share the loot Nigeria is among themselves with reckless abandon, and perhaps destroy each other just like the three thieves in my opening paragraph.

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