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‘Buhari Has No Moral Justification To Demand Re-Election’ – PDP Chieftain

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Suleiman Ukandu, a member of the Abia state Advisory Council and former local government council Chairman, on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, said that President Muhammadu Buhari has no moral justification to seek re-election come 2019, stressing that the APC-led government in the country has failed to fulfill its campaign promises made to Nigerian people.

Ukandu while reacting to the Monday’s declaration by President Buhari to seek second term in office told journalists at a press conference held in Umuahia, the Abia state capital on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, that Buhari-led administration has failed in all facets of Nigeria’s economy, regretting that, the President rather than tackling the teething problems facing the nation, he has indulged in conspiracy theory.

The Peoples Democratic Party chieftain listed some of the sectors the President has failed which include: security, education, and infrastructures, pointing out that Buhari lacked the capacity and qualification to be given a second chance.

Ukandu said,”I don’t think President Buhari has the moral justification to come out and tell Nigerians that he wants to seek a second term in the office. In as much as it is his democratic right, we are talking about moral justification to somebody who needed to take a retrospect, to assess himself if he has performed or not.

“It is quite unfortunate that people around him are not courageous to tell him how Nigerians are faring under his administration. I think the essence of governance is to ensure the welfare and security of the people. And you and I know that Buhari has failed in terms of securing the nation.

“Herdsmen are ravaging everybody, everywhere. Boko- Haram are having their free day, both in kidnapping, maiming and slaughtering of people. Even Buhari himself, from his utterances, has not helped us to actually devise a strategy of curbing all these menaces.

“You talk about the welfare of Nigerians, you can see prices of commodities are not stable in the markets. Our education sector, Buhari has not done much despite claims. He said he will do much in Agriculture, but he had not gone down to the grassroots properly so that we can have the impacts of that agriculture productivity.

“And we have not seen foreign investors coming to invest in Nigeria as they rightly claimed. In terms of our foreign policy and relationship with the outside world, I have not seen much from this administration. Nigeria has not devised a foreign policy strategy that can give it economic stability. We have not come up with foreign policy strategy that can boost our economy.

“This administration was claiming that during former President Good luck Jonathan time, oil prices rose to so-so level. But we saw what Jonathan was able to do with it. But in the middle of this present administration, I think the oil price has gone up. And to tell you that this administration lacks focus, the oil got up, the price of accessing fuel went up.

“Nigeria needs a leader that has zeal for unification. And for us to unit Nigeria, I don’t think President Buhari is the right person. We need a person that has a national outlook. We need a person that can walk down to everywhere in the country and make friends. Not a person that his appointment is centred on ethnic tribalism.

“We don’t need a President that has what we call, “ethnic apathy”. We don’t need that. As for me, with all this, I don’t Buhari is qualified to be given a second term ticket as a person. He has the right. But for the progress, development of Nigeria.

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